Council on Faculty Research

Council on Faculty Research
2016-2017 Council on Faculty Research Members and the College Represented
FY2016 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects
2016 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects
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Internal Grant Competitions

Council on Faculty Research Fall Competition funds projects for research and creative activity.  Funds are available for commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel, and student help related to the project.  No personal services dollars are available. 

The Fall, 2016 competition was cancelled.

Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards provide personal services dollars for research and creative activity projects.  The proposal deadline for the summer 2017 competition is February 8, 2017 at noon.  Application materials are available on our Forms page.

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2016-2017 Council on Faculty Research Members and the College Represented

College of Arts and Humanities
Matthew Boonstra Art
Newton Key History

College of Business and Applied Sciences
Simon Lee School of Business
Toqeer Israr School of Technology

College of Education and Professional Studies
Kathryn Havercroft Special Education
Jennifer Stringfellow, Chair Special Education

College of Sciences
Ronan Bernas Psychology
Zhiqing Yan Chemistry


Library Services
Steve Brantley Booth Library



Ryan Hendrickson Ex-Officio
Robert Chesnut Ex-Officio
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2015-2016 Council on Faculty Research Award Recipients and Projects

Thomas Canam/Yordan Yordanov Biological Sciences The transciptome response of white-rot fungi to energy grasses
Craig Chesner Geology/Geography New Discoveries on Samosir Island:  A follow-up to a Summer of Geologic Mapping at Toba
Claudia Janssen Danyi Communication Studies Communication managers' experiences in organizational crises:  Navigating tensions between individual and organizational interests and concerns
Lyndsay Jenkins/ Nichole Mulvey Psychology/Communication Disorders & Sciences Social and Language Predictors of Preschool Bullying Roles
Mary Konkle Chemistry Characterization of TZD Drugs Binding to Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1
Britto Nathan Biological Sciences How Does an Ancient Herb Cure Alzheimer's Disease?
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2016 Summer Research and Creative Activity Awards and Projects

Assande Adom Economics A contemporary investigation into the regional impacts of RTAs: Case study of the AFTZ and the TPP
Melissa Ames English Remediating Cultural Anxieties: The Emotional Terrain of 21st Century TV Programming and Viewing Practices
John Bickford Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle Level Education Examining Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Themes with Children's and Young Adult Literature
Ann Coddington Art From the Earth, exhibition
Tim Engles English White Male Nostalgia and Second-Wave Feminist Histories: Carol Shields' "Happenstance"
Charles Foy History Black Dockyard Workers in the Anglo-American Atlantic, 1400 - 2000
Ann Fritz Biological Sciences Does a single gene predict communal initiation of nest building by fire ants queens?
Lyndsay Jenkins Psychology Gender Differences in Correlates and Stability of Bullying Bystander Roles and Intervention in Middle School
Mary Konkle Chemistry Does Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes Patients with Pioglitazone Impact Activity of Glutamate Dehydrogenase 1?
Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz History The mother's heart has dissolved the woman's voice: Lucy Stone and the Dilemma of the Mother-Citizen.
Jeannie Ludlow English/Women's Studies Narrative Medicine, Abortion, and Gender in the U.S.
Andrew Mertz Mathematics and Computer Science Porting the Xinu Operating System to the Zybo Development Board
Britto Nathan Biological Sciences Microscopic Studies on Designer Estrogen to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Charlotte Pence English Code: A Book of Poems in Progress
Lee Patterson History The Roman Presence in Armenia
Gopal Periyannan Chemistry Glutamate Carboxypeptidase II from Caenorhabditis elegans: Wormy Help to Understand Human Diseases
Debra Reid History The East-Central Illinois Agricultural Landscape, 1985 to Present
Jemmie Robertson Music Collaborations: A Music Recording Project
Radu Sememiuc Chemistry Let's go for a BOGO: Carbon dioxide sequestration and activation by one metal complex
Christopher Wixson English Bernard Shaw and Celebrity Endorsement

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