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Entrepreneurship Minor - Core Courses

ENT 3300 Foundations of Entrepreneurship*

Introduction to and overview of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process. Seeks to develop an understanding of the role of the entrepreneur and new venture creation from a local/national/international perspective. Overview of the major functions of business as they relate to entrepreneurship. Prerequisite: Completion of 45 semester hours.                

*MGT 4320 Small Business and Entrepreneurship may be substituted for ENT 3300


ENT 3500 Marketing and Innovation for Entrepreneurial Ventures

A systematic exploration of market opportunities from an entrepreneurial perspective, including idea generation, development, and market launch. Content includes: domestic and foreign product development, legal considerations, market segmentation and analysis, and the evaluation of competition. Long-term marketing strategy is communicated through the marketing section of a venture plan. Prerequisite: ENT 3300 and enrollment in the Entrepreneurship Minor.


ENT 3700 Financing for Entrepreneurial Ventures

A study of financial and legal issues related to financing entrepreneurial ventures. Topics include sources of financing, working with attorneys and accountants, legal aspects of reducing owners' risk, fundamentals of financial statement analysis, and analyzing and developing the financial section of a venture plan. Prerequisite: ENT 3300 and enrollment in the Entrepreneurship Minor.


ENT 4500 Entrepreneurial Management and Venture Plan Development

An exploration and application of the venture development and operations process including start-up issues; organizing, planning, and launching the venture; management of people and growth; and other entrepreneurial challenges are explored. Course culminates in development and presentation of a venture plan. Prerequisite: ENT 3500 and ENT 3700 and enrollment in the Entrepreneurship Minor.