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Entrepreneurship Club

Would you like to someday run your own business? How about become your own boss?

The Entrepreneurship Club gives students a chance to learn from real-life entrepreneurs and hear about their experiences, as well as receive advice for the future!

The club takes field trips to see these entrepreneurs in action and even receives the chance to tour some of the facilities!

We take part in fundraisers and other student events around campus in order to raise more awareness and have fun as a group!

EIU students are welcomed to attend our meetings. If you have questions, please contact our president, Spencer Filosa.

Come join the Entrepreneurship Club! 



ENT Club at Ikes


The Entrepreneurship Club recently visited Andrew Phipps (pictured front right), a young entrepreneur, at his Bar & Grill, Ike's, located in Charleston, IL. Andrew offered insight into his entrepreneurial venture.


Spring 2015 Officers

Advisor Mr. Jeffrey Oetting jloetting@eiu.edu
President Spencer Filosa spfilosa@eiu.edu
Vice President        Kelsey Roggemann karoggemann@eiu.edu
Treasurer Kimberly Stockon  knstockon@eiu.edu
Secretary Kevin Hogan kjhogan@eiu.edu
Public Relations Chair Alexander Braun ajbraun@eiu.edu
Public Relations Chair Kyle Callender kjcallender@eiu.edu


Spring 2015 Meetings

Date Time Location
     February 10                      7:00 pm                         Lumpkin Hall Room 2121    
February 24 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
March 3 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
March 10 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
March 24 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
March 31 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
April 7 7:00 pm Lumpkin Hall Room 2121
April 14 7:00 pm TBA