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Entrepreneurship Week Presents

2017 Presentations:


November 7th at 7pm in the Lumpkin Hall Auditorium:
Randy Bailey
Chairman of First Healthcare Advisory Firm
November 8th at 7pm in the Lumpkin Hall Auditorium:
Aaron Stortzum
Co-Founder of Old Mac's Drive Thru in Dieterich, IL
Aaron    OldMacs


The Entrepreneurship Minor helps you develop your creative ideas.

Entrepreneurs—individuals who create and nurture new products and ventures—are a vital part of the economy, but many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge and skills needed to capitalize on their innovative ideas. Through the minor in entrepreneurship, students learn to recognize new business opportunities, apply creativity and innovation to develop those opportunities, identify funding resources, and to develop a venture plan. The minor in entrepreneurship is designed for students from all majors who may want to work in a family business, start or manage their own business, or to start a professional practice or skill-based business.

The Entrepreneurship Minor offers a core of courses focused on hands-on learning directed by experienced faculty.

Learn how to:

  • Create a sustainable venture

  • Protect your creative ideas

  • Explore financial funding sources

  • Evaluate legal aspects of incorporating a new venture

  • Develop a venture plan

Outside the classroom, the Entrepreneurship Minor provides co-curricular activitiesdesigned to enhance students' experience and exposure to successful entrepreneurs and the process of creating a new venture. 

  • Real-life entrepreneurs share their inspiring experiences with Entrepreneurship students 

  • A student organization chapter led by Entrepreneurship students with the recognition and support of a national student organization 

  • Field trips to see Entrepreneurs "in action"

  • Opportunities for research projects in Entrepreneurship mentored by individual faculty members 



Student Piper Black Describes Her Journey through The Entrepreneurship Minor