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Chemistry Concentration

This is an American Chemical Society (ACS)-approved program, chosen by many students interested in employment in industry or government, as well as by those students pursuing advanced degrees (M.S. or Ph.D.) in chemistry.

Four Year Study Plans for this concentration

BS CHM Major Chem. Conc.

BS CHM Major Chem/Premed. Conc.

BA CHM Major



Lena F Elmuti

Class of 2013

Chemistry Concentration

Current Position: Third Year Medical Student

                         University of Illinois at Chicago 


What Lena Says About this Program:

“I owe so much to the EIU Chemistry Department for all of that I learned here as well as the opportunities and experiences I had while at EIU. Attending smaller classes taught by amazing professors was absolutely one of the best things about being a chemistry major at EIU. I felt as though I received one-on-one attention from the majority of my professors, who sought to ensure the best possible education for all of their students. Despite coming from a smaller school than many of my peers here in Chicago, I feel as though I received a very solid foundation for many concepts and subjects that were further expanded upon in medical school. Being able to be a part of a research group as an undergraduate researcher was another wonderful experience at the EIU Chemistry Department.”