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2013 Maurice D. Shepherd High School Chemistry Contest

May 8, 2013

Eighty-one students from 10 area high schools participated in the contest, which was held for the 38th consecutive year.

Dr. Radu Semeniuc from the EIU Chemistry Department presented a talk entitled "Chemistry: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives."


Sullivan High School was the top team for the second straight year, winning the contest with a team average of 37.5.

Teams from Neoga, Morrisonville, and Mahomet-Seymour placed second (31.75), third (28.67), and fourth (26.73), respectively.

Michael Webb (Mahomet-Seymour) placed first with a score of 42.75. Adam Davis (Sullivan) placed second with a score of 40.   Third- through sixth-place winners were Joseph Goldstein (Neoga, 38.25), Clayton Cina (Morrisonville, 38.25) [place determined by tie-breaker], Travis Hanson (Sullivan, 37.5), and sixth-place was a tie between Kevin Kauffman (Mahomet-Seymour) and Patrick Hogan (Sullivan) who both received a score of 36.25.

These students were awarded plaques honoring their accomplishments. 

Congratulations to the top teams and top students, and our thanks to all who participated.  We are especially grateful to each teacher, since the success of the contest very much depends on their willingness to enter and bring students to the contest.

The 2014 contest is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 14, 2014. We hope you can make it.

2013 Test

2013 Test Key

Individual Winners

 1st and 6th ind winners 2013 chm contest    chm contest 4th place ind


Top Four Team Pictures:


First Place
Sullivan High School, Sullivan IL (Teacher: Ted Walk)

 Chm contest 2013 1st

Left to right: Reagan Miller, Patrick Hogan (6th place individual), Noah Workman, Sean Johnson, Travis Hanson (5th place individual), and Adam Davis (2nd place individual)

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 Second Place

Neoga High School (Teacher: Mrs. Leanne Craig)

 Chm contest 2nd place 2013

Front Row (left to right): Cassidy Strohl, Natalie Burrell,  Jacob Alumbaugh, Adam Morgan, Ryan Evans

Back Row (left to right): Coach Leanne Craig, Courtney Croy, Joey Goldstein (3rd place individual), Kaleb Henderson

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Third Place

Morrisonville High School, Morrisonville, IL (Teacher: Ms. Janet Walch)

 Chm contest 3rd place 2013

Front Row (left to right): Liz Jones, Hailey Samson, Hannah Lupton, Morgan Riggs, Jessie Borgic

Back Row (left to right): Scott Baird, Alyssa Westcott, Jenna Holliday, Priscilla Griffin, Leyton Brown, Clayton Cina (4th place Individual)

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Fourth Place
Mahomet-Seymour High School, Mahomet, IL (Teachers: Mr. Terry Koker, Ms. Janet Wattnem, and Lori Clark) 

 chm contest 4th place 2013

Front Row (left to right): Coach Janet Wattnem, William Wolf, Hannah Douglas, A.J. Ellis, Lane Shafer, Aly Brunner, Connor Dietrich, Ian Belyea, Michael Webb (1st place individual)

Back Row (left to right): Maddie See, Thomas Bane, Kevin Kauffman (6th place individual), Reid Bundy, Jim McCue, Jacob Singleton, Coach Terry Koker

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