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2014 Maurice D. Shepherd High School Chemistry Contest

May 14, 2014

Seventy-four students from 10 area high schools participated in the contest, which was held for the 39th consecutive year.

Dr. Doug Klarup from the EIU Chemistry Department presented a talk entitled "Environmental Contaminants of Emerging Concern."


Sullivan High School was the top team for the third straight year, winning the contest with a team average of 35.58.

Teams from Mahomet-Seymour, Morrisonville and Neoga placed second (34.70), third (31.41), and fourth (31.17), respectively.

Jack Hyde (Mahomet-Seymour) placed first with a score of 47.75. Joseph Magyar (Mahomet-Seymour) placed second with a score of 44.   Third- through sixth-place winners were Maddie Gibson (Neoga, 43), Hannah Olsen (Mahomet-Seymour 42.75) , Klara Brockamp (Morrisonville, 38.25), and Tyler Emmett (Lawrenceville, 37.25).

These students were awarded plaques honoring their accomplishments. 

Congratulations to the top teams and top students, and our thanks to all who participated.  We are especially grateful to each teacher, since the success of the contest very much depends on their willingness to enter and bring students to the contest.

The 2015 contest is scheduled for Wednesday, May 13, 2015. We hope you can make it.

2014 Test

2014 Test Key

Individual Winners

    Top Individuals 2

 Top Six Individuals: (left to right)

1st Place: Jack Hyde (Mahomet-Seymour), 2nd Place: Joe Magyar (Mahomet-Seymour), 3rd Place:  Maddie Gibson (Neoga), 4th Place: Hannah Olsen (Mahomet-Seymour), 5th Place:  Kara Brockamp (Morrisonville), 6th Place: Tyler Emmet (Lawrenceville)

Top Four Team Pictures:


First Place
Sullivan High School, Sullivan IL (Teacher: Nathan Becker)

 First Place Team

Left to right: Dakota Clayton, Liam Bechtold, Ryan Baker, Keegan Kruckeberg, Shawn Cody

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 Second Place

Mahomet-Seymour High School  (Teachers: Terry Koker and Jeremy Davis)

 2nd Place Team

Front Row (left to right): Tyler Chalfant, Rachel Dahl, Emma Vallee, Mason Bushell, Jack Hyde (1st Place), Hannah Olsen (4th Place), Xin Yi Ren, Rachel Stevens

Back Row (left to right): Terry Koker (coach), Sophie Christianson, Bryce Hastings, Zac Weimer, Joe Magyar (2nd Place), Cameron Burgess, Nic Voss, Jeremy Davis (coach)

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Third Place

Morrisonville High School, Morrisonville, IL (Teacher: Ms. Janet Walch)

 3rd Place Team

Front Row (left to right): Janet Walch (coach), Kara Brockhamp (5th place), Anthony Yattoni, Jamie Ferrill

Back Row (left to right): Alex Brockamp, Bryanna Fesser, Amanda O'Brien, Caitlyn Durbin, Austin Deal

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Fourth Place
Neoga High School (Teacher:  Leanne Craig)

4th Place Team 

Front Row (left to right): Kaylee Beals, Brittany Herring, Maddie Gibson (3rd place), Sara Brown, Kieran Effner

Back Row (left to right): Dani Baker, Cayla Baker, Taylor Gresens, Jessica Watson, McKenna Huffman, Madison Easton, Katie Bell, Ms. Craig (coach)

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