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The Simple Steps to Becoming EIU

In applying to the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program, application materials must be submitted to the Department of Psychology as well as to The Graduate School. An application packet is available from the psychology department, or you can print the forms you need from this site.

Admission to the program cannot be final until you have submitted your applications (both graduate school and psychology), transcript(s), three or more letters of recommendation and GRE scores. Applications must be received by February 15th to be considered in the first round of admissions and assistantships. All applicants who are admitted provisionally will have their status reviewed after one semester in the program and a final admission decision will be made at that time.


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Apply to the Graduate School

All students can apply to the graduate school through MyEIU. The graduate school requires:

  1. A complete online application
  2. A copy of your official transcripts
  3. A $30 application fee

Learn more about the Graduate School admissions process.

Apply to the Program

Please send the following to the graduate coordinator:

U.S. Residents:
  1. Three letters of recommendation solicited from individuals qualified to judge and attest to your academic merit and potential.
  2. Official Transcripts
  3. Official GRE (general)scores
  4. Psychology Graduate Application.
  5. Graduate Assistantship Application (optional)
International Applicants:
  1. Three letters of recommendation solicited from individuals qualified to judge and attest to your academic merit and potential.
  2. Statement of Personal Goals
  3. Official GRE (general)scores
  4. Psychology Graduate Application.
  5. Official Transcripts.
  6. Graduate Assistantship Application (optional)

Please mail all materials for the departmental application to:
Dr. Wesley D. Allan
Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920

Please note that the program admission requirements are different than the Graduate School requirements. You may also send the appropriate items above via email to the graduate coordinator: Dr. Wesley D. Allan at wallan@eiu.edu.

Keep an Eye on Your Admission Status

You'll be able to keep tabs on the status of your application through MyEIU; you'll receive a message when you have been officially admitted to EIU!

Apply for an Assistantship

If you are interested in a graduate assistantship, you also need to submit a graduate assistantship application.

Graduate assistantships are typically awarded in accordance with the academic year. Assistantship applications are normally accepted through the middle of February; a decision for the next academic year comes within a month. For more information about graduate assistantships, please click here.

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Program Admission Requirements

  1. An accredited college or university and a minimum of 20 hours of undergraduate course work in psychology
  2. Coursework in behavioral management or learning, personality theory, tests and measurements and developmental psychology are strongly recommended.
  3. An overall minimum GPA of 3.0 is required along with a major GPA of 3.25.
  4. Although the program has no minimum GRE requirement, the average GRE scores of enrolled students in recent years has been 1100 (V+Q). GRE scores, volunteer or field work, research experience, and letters of recommendation all figure prominently in the selection process.