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Argos Installation Instructions



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Instructions for Accessing Argos

After you have received notification of your signon in Argos:

Recommend reading the Argos Getting Started Guide v2 from Evisions website
(www.evisions.com – select Argos, then select Resouces)

To open an Argos session:

Open Internet Explorer

For the url, enter: https://argos.eiu.edu/argos/ (you may want to add it to your favorites)

You should receive the following screen:


The next screen to appear will ask if you want to install the Argos Reporting Client. See below:


Please click on Install.

After successful installation, you will be presented with a login prompt:


To login, use your network id as the username and as the password.

If you logged in successfully you will get screen like in page 4. If so skip page 3 instructions.

If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 581-4357.