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Patricia K. Belleville
Patricia K. Belleville Professor of Art Education, Art Education Graduate Program Director
pkbelleville@eiu.edu | 217-581-7009 | 2668 DFAC | Profile
Jenny Chi
Jenny Chi Professor of Art - Painting and Drawing
kjchi@eiu.edu | 2907 DFAC | Profile
Ann B. Coddington
Ann B. Coddington Associate Professor of Art - Art Foundations and Fibers
abcoddington@eiu.edu | 2820 DFAC | Profile
Stephen J. Eskilson
Stephen J. Eskilson Professor of Art History
sjeskilson@eiu.edu | 1345 DFAC | Profile
Glenn J. Hild
Glenn J. Hild Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, Painting and Drawing
gjhild@eiu.edu | 217-581-2922 | 2210 DFAC | Profile
Chris Kahler
Chris Kahler Department Chair / Professor of Art - Painting and Drawing
cbkahler@eiu.edu | 2670/2909 DFAC | Profile
Dwain L. Naragon
Dwain L. Naragon Professor of Art - Ceramics
dlnaragon@eiu.edu | 1961 DFAC | Profile
Robert S. Petersen
Robert S. Petersen Professor of Art History
rspetersen@eiu.edu | 1349 DFAC | Profile
Alan D. Pocaro
Alan D. Pocaro Assistant Professor of Art - Art Foundations, Digital Art, Printmaking
adpocaro@eiu.edu | 1636 DFAC | Profile
David Richardson
David Richardson Associate Professor of Art - Graphic Design
drichardson@eiu.edu | 2818 DFAC | Profile
Mary Caroline Simpson
Mary Caroline Simpson Associate Professor of Art History, Graduate Coordinator MA Studio Program
msimpson@eiu.edu | 1347 DFAC | Profile

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