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EIU Tarble Arts Center

Falling Into Milk

Light, charcoal, graphite, and gold leaf on wall

Image: Marie Bannerot McInerney, No Stars Till You Go To the Country, Installation and Performative Drawing included in You Can’t Make Love to Concrete 2017, concrete, cotton, ink, gold, silver, graphite, charcoal, 36º8’29.0724”N, 86º46’16.8852”W, light and time


An evolving site-specific installation by Marie Bannerot McInerney

On view September 23, 2022–May 6, 2023 


In 2016 the Tarble began a series of site-responsive interventions under the banner of Outside/Inside. These long-term projects have explored what it means to be between spaces, taking as a starting point the transition from the outside of a space to within it as an integral shift in perception. How do we think differently about the inside and outside of a museum, and how do our thought processes change as a result of that difference?  

Change and transformation are central to Marie Bannerot McInerney’s site-specific work Falling into Milk, which will be installed in the windows of Commonspace and altered by the artist over the course of nine months. Using an opaque material of her own invention, the artist is creating a constellation of apertures that scatter marks of light into the interior of the building, hand-rendering these marks in glistening metal leaf, and returning seasonally to observe and trace the movement of the light from the shifting position of the sun. The work’s title alludes to the shared Greek origin of the words galaxy and milk, offering a connection between animal bodies and planetary bodies, between terrestrial existence and our place in the cosmos. 


Marie Bannerot McInerney is a multidisciplinary studio artist and educator. Her site-responsive installations and discrete works consider human agency within the framework of ecological systems, mystical thinking, and natural phenomena. She is a 2018 Charlotte Street Artist Award Fellow and has exhibited across the United States and abroad including shows at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum (Saint Louis, MO), Friedrich Schiller University (Jena, Germany), and Han Tianheng Art Museum Shanghai (Shanghai City, China). She is a resident artist at Studios Inc. in Kansas City and serves as Associate Professor in the Fiber Department at the Kansas City Art Institute. 



Opening Reception: Fall Exhibition Cycle

Art Speaks! w/ Marie Bannerot McInerney

Closing Reception for To Bear the Mark of Time

Opening Reception: Winter Exhibition Cycle

Opening Reception: Spring Exhibition Cycle

Closing Reception: Spring Exhibition Cycle



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