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EIU Master of Science in Sustainability

Featured Students

Grace Wilken (Plummer Research Award)

Grace Wilken

Grace Wilken enrolled in the dual degree program Sustainable Energy and MBA. While working as a graduate assistant, Grace implemented composting at the dining halls on campus and partnered with the Charleston Water Treatment Plant to analyze the material  in order to determine the most effective balance of nutrients for growing herbs and food. Click here to read more about Grace's research project.  



Tanmay Pant (Outstanding International Student)

Featured Student-Tanmay PantBelonging to a small town from the foothills of Himalayas, Tanmay Pant has always been passionate about development of renewable sources of energy. Click here to read more about the story of Tanmay.


Tajdar Ahmed (Outstanding International Student, King-Mertz Research Award and Plummer Research Award)

Tajdar Ahmed Thumbnail Tajdar Ahmed is an international student with a keen interest in studying sustainable energy development and he began his journey with EIU in Fall 2016. His choice of a Master’s program at EIU came after great research and consideration of a handful of reputed universities that offer a Master’s in this field. Click here to read more about Tajdar.

Nalini Priya Uppri 

Nalini Priya Uppri, a graduate student in the EIU Master of Science in Sustainability, attended Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy in Chicago, IL  Aug. 6-18, 2015.  This is a full conference workshop organized by Energy Initiatives and UI Labs of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Click here to view the powerpoint presentation slides for her research project Biz-E-Bikes: Reinventing the WheelClick here to read her research paper, co-authored by Andrew Beck, Electric-assist Bicycle Retrofits in the City of Chicago

Rajesh Venkata Goriparthi

Rajesh Venkata Goriparthi, a graduate student in the EIU Master of Science Sustainability program, attended the Sustainability for All (SE4ALL) Forum on May 7-9, 2015, in New York City.  The conference was organized by United Nations. Click here for more information about this forum.

Hector Daniel Flores

Fullbright Scholar

 Hector Daniel Flores cares about keeping Earth sustainable. So, it’s only fitting that Flores picked Eastern Illinois University’s Sustainable Energy program to pursue his interests. Yet, unlike other students, Flores had the power to pick from any master’s program in the United States. And he                           chose EIU.

Flores, an international student from Honduras, earned the recognition as a Fulbright Scholar. The highly competitive scholar program is sponsored by the U.S. State Department, for the purpose of attracting others from different countries to study in the United States. The program pays for their schooling, and the scholars work with an adviser to pick a program that matches their academic interests. To Flores, it was only natural to pick EIU’s sustainable energy program focused on creating leaders and managers in the growing field. Click here to read more.

Patrick Lyons

Patrick Lyons

 Even though Patrick Lyons had already applied to the EIU School of Technology graduate studies, he knew he wanted to join the Master of Science in Sustainability graduate program “the minute he heard rumors about the program developing.” His desire for success empowered him to be one of the first students to go through the dual degree program for a Master of Science in Sustainability and a Master of Science in Technology. To read more about Patrick, click here.

Wei Wang

Wei_Wang_Featured Student  Wei Wang is a graduate student in Technology currently working with Dr. Peter Ping Liu and Dr. Jerry Cloward to compare the energy conversion efficiency from burning different biomass. According to Wei, higher conversion efficiency fuels could be identified through comparison, thus providing more alternatives for renewable energy resources and gradually replacing the burning of fossil fuels. To read more about Wei Wang and his research in energy conversion efficiency from burning different biomass, click here.

Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa  Sunil Thapa was the first applicant for the Masters of Science in Sustainability program at EIU. He is an international student who grew-up in a rural community in the country of Nepal, a nation situated between India and China. Under the direction of Dr. Tom Canam, a faculty member in the EIU Biological Sciences Department, Suni researched natural means (such as cellobiose dehydrogenase deficiet strain (m4D) of Trametes versicolor) to modify lignin from bioenergy crops such as Miscanthus straw. To read more about Sunil Thapa and his research in renewable energy and sustainable bioenergy, click here.


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