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Eastern Illinois University

EIU Rural King Scholarships

The Rural King Full Ride Scholarship

Recipients of the Rural King Full Ride Scholarship will be covered for the full cost of tuition and fees as well as room and board. 

Who is it for? 

Rural King employees, or their dependents

How much is covered? 

All remaining tuition & fees after any other aid is applied, plus room and board (up to a 15-meal plan and a maximum of 15 credit hours per semester).

How do I qualify?   

• Have a household Adjusted Gross Income below $100,000 
• Be employed at Rural King for at least 2 months 
• Be admitted to EIU in any major

How many students will be selected per year? 

Five students

How do I renew the scholarship each year?  

• Maintain a 2.5 GPA
• Stay enrolled at EIU for at least 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester

How do I apply?   

Step 1: Apply to EIU up to a year before classes start: 

  • Our application takes 10-15 minutes to complete (no essay or test scores required) 
  • Complete admissions requirements on MyEIU checklist at 

Step 2: Fill out FAFSA starting in December: 

  • If not eligible for federal aid, fill out the Alternative Application at
  • Takes under 1 hour for most 

Step 3: After you’ve been admitted, fill out scholarship applications before March 15 

  • Visit, log in using your NetID and password, and fill out the 1-minute General Application.
  • Search for “Rural King” and click “Apply.” You’ll need to write a couple of short essays and provide contact info for letter of reference. The deadline is March 15.
  • Your one application will be used to determine your eligibility for all three scholarships.

Would my award ever be reduced or canceled?  

In general, the amount you receive from RK Full Ride Scholarship will not exceed the cost of your tuition and fees and room and board. Your costs would be fully paid, but you would never receive additional spending money from the scholarship.

  • If you later receive other awards that partially cover your costs, your RK Full Ride award will be reduced accordingly for the first year of your award through the 10th day of class (Census Policy). Your renewal award amount will never be less than your initial award unless it exceeds the annual cost of attendance in combination with other awards. 
  • If you receive scholarships or other awards that fully cover your tuition and required fees budget for the first year of your award, your Full Ride Scholarship will be reduced, although you will receive a minimum of $2,000 as long as the scholarship remains within the cost of attendance. 
  • If you receive an award such as the Pemberton Presidential Scholars Award, EIU Local Scholars, EIU Promise, the Children of Deceased Employees Waiver, DCFS, DORS, or the ISAC Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver (SETTW) Program. In some circumstances, your full tuition and fees could also be covered in combination with the State of Illinois MAP grant, but exceptions may apply because of the differences in these waiver programs.
  •  If the RK Full Ride Scholarship cannot be applied in your first year, you will not receive the award in subsequent years.
  • If you receive an award specific to housing and dining, this award will not reduce the RK Full Ride award.
  • If you are offered Federal Work Study and you decline it, that amount will not be covered by Rural King scholarship funds, which may potentially reduce your award amount.

What is family adjusted gross income?  

Adjusted gross income (AGI) is the combined income for you and your family as reported to the IRS on your federal income tax return. It’s on Line 4 if you filed a Form 1040EZ, Line 21 if you filed a Form 1040A, or Line 37 if you filed a Form 1040.

What if my family’s income goes above $100,000 after my first year?  

You’ll still be able to renew the RK Full Ride Scholarship.



Kenia Gonzalez

Degree Completion Coordinator
2037 Old Main