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EIU Recreation Administration Program

In short, when words like "excellence", "quality", "futuristic", "fairness" and "student-oriented" are mentioned in the context of leisure, we want it to be assumed the reference is to the Recreation Administration program.

Our strong faculty reputation is built on high-quality professors. According to the university's March 2003 external review report, the program’s faculty are “accessible, available, and committed to the students. Students mentioned a ‘family atmosphere’ between themselves and faculty in the unit.” EIU faculty/evaluation reports of Purdue University core items consistently indicate median scores over 4.5 on a scale of five.

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Why Choose EIU for Recreation Administration

Experiential Learning

Students in the Recreation Administration program are able to engage in research early in their college career which results in meaningful research and outcomes, participation in professional conferences and publications, thus preparing them to move into their selective fields upon degree completion.

Individualized Career Design

This individualized career design is accomplished largely through the selection of course electives, related workshop and conference attendance, and through fieldwork and internship placement that caters to the students unique interests within the broad field of recreation administration and leisure service provision.

Faculty/Student Mentorship

From the first moment students enter the Department of Recreation Administration to their time as a professional in the field, faculty members are dedicated to providing the resources and assistance to help students succeed. Through these faculty-mentored experiences, students are equipped with the latest concepts, theory, and practices from the recreation profession; a better understanding of the technological tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness; and an ability to think critically in an ever-changing society.

Undergraduate Programs

Recreation Administration

Recreation administration is the process that mobilizes an organization's resources — human and material — to accomplish goals to benefit the leisure time of the community served. Students considering this multidisciplinary field will receive a broad-based educational experience. Click here for more information on this program.

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