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Administrative Phone Services 

Phone Equipment 

EIU's Telecommunications Office offers both single and multi-line phone sets. A single line set is normally utilized at public access locations, such as a lobby. Several models of multi-line phone sets are available to accommodate the individual need of your office.

Our phones are top quality Aastra Meridian sets. Click on the following hyperlinked photos to view your phone's manual.

M8009 M9110 M6320 M9316
M5008 M622    

Multi-Line x x - - - x
Expansion Module - x - - - x
Feature Keys 8 13 Link use mem use mem n/a
Speakerphone - x - x x n/a
Headset Jack - x - - - n/a
Visual Message Waiting - x x x x n/a
Display - x - x x n/a
Hold x x x x x n/a
Release x x x - x n/a
Memory Keys Feature Feature 6 7 8 n/a
Color Black Black Black Black Black Black
Redial x - x x 5-number n/a
Reception Area x - - - - n/a
Secondary Dept. Phone x - - - - n/a
Main Dept. Phone x x - - -