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Administrative Phone Services


As the campus' phone service provider, the EIU Telecommunications office issues a monthly bill to administrative offices. Charges that may appear on the bill will include either Non-Recurring (one time only) and/or Recurring Charges. Interested in knowing the actual amount of potential charges on your bill?? Click on the following hyperlinks to obtain a listing of billed charges.

View and print your department phone bills

To access your department's bill for March 2015 or after - Fiscal Agents and/or designees may view and print department bills by going to the following website This is a restricted website. Your user name and password is your current EIU Net ID and Password you use daily to log into your computer. For instructions for printing a Summary Bill click here. For instructions for printing a Department Bill with individual detail click here.

Please notify the Telecommunications Office at 581-5951 for any billing issues or assistance with logging in.

Non-Recurring Charges

Adding new calling features

Moving an existing line or Installing a new line

Equipment items purchased

Long distance calls from the previous month

Description Charge
Installation - new phone line   $120 per line
Line Move   $70 per line
Adding New Phone Features   $5 per line
Equipment Upgrade   $55 per line



Recurring Charges

Monthly line access

Monthly Instrument Charge

Voice mail 


Phone DescriptionMonthly Charges
Phone Line   Monthly Charge for the Line $12.25
M9110   Singe Line (used for unattended areas) $3.80
M8009   Singe Line $4.70
M9316   Singe Line w/ Speaker $6.20
M5008   Multi-line set $7.45
M6320   Multi-line w/ Display/Speaker $13.95
M622   20 Key Add-on $8.05


Equipment for Sale or Rent

Description One-Time Charge
Cords   $8.00
Couplers   $4.95
Shoulder Rest   $7.00 
Speaker Phone   $10 per day
Conference Phone   $15.00 per day


 Voice Mail

Voice Mail Charge
Full time Faculty   N/C
Administrative   $4.45
Auto Attendant   $7.95

Long Distance

EIU's Telecom Office strives to provide competitive long distance pricing for our staff and faculty customers.

  • You can place long distance USA Domestic Calls for only 17¢ per minute.
  • International Calls are quoted on an individual country basis. Please call 581-5951 for a quote.
  • For only 10¢ per minute, calls can be placed within the ICTC regional calling area.

Cellular Service 

Cellular Service for University business use is available from Verizon Wireless through the EIU Telecommunications Office. Since cellular rates are constantly changing, please call the Telecommunications Office at 581-5951 for more information. Rates start as low as 6¢ per minute, with no monthly access fee, under the State of Illinois Plan in Central Illinois, and no minimum usage.