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What is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

Eastern Illinois University

Eastern Illinois University is committed to respecting U.S. copyright law. In accordance with campus policy, the University does not inspect the contents of digital media traversing the campus network. However the campus has articulated a rigorous program designed to discourage illegal peer to peer file sharing (such as movies and music), respond to copyright infringement notices when these are sent to the campus, and educate the campus community about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to copyright. This website documents the elements of this program as described by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Technology Based Deterrents

Eastern Illinois University accepts and vigorously responds to DMCA notices in a timely fashion. 

In the event that a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice is received by Information Security. A review process will be initiated. If the review determines that copyrighted material was downloaded illegally through the use of a peer to peer client. The access for that user’s account will be removed and they will not be permitted to have a peer to peer client installed on their machine or utilize that file sharing protocol. 

Community Education and Annual Disclosure to Students

Eastern Illinois University utilizes a variety of techniques to educate the campus community about copyright and their responsibilities to respect copyright.  

  • Informational websites provide students, faculty and staff with information about copyright law and policies. These web sites offer links to legal download sites, resources about copyright, and often scenarios to help students, faculty and staff navigate common copyright issues.
  • Web sites on campus provide information about copyright law, University policies in regard to copyright, and other information including fair use.

Alternatives to Illegal File Sharing

Eastern Illinois University does not have any agreements with outside content providers to provide legal downloads to students.

For additional information or questions please contact Information Security at