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How do I care for my Panther Card? 

Your Panther Card is a valuable asset to you. To avoid replacement fees and the inconvenience of a damaged card, it is important to take appropriate care of your card. The following card care tips will help keep your card in working order:


  • Protect your card in a wallet, but do not place it directly against the plastic viewing window.
  • Avoid getting your card wet. It doesn't do well in the washing machine.
  • Avoid bending your card or sitting on it.
  • Replace your damaged card and never use a damaged card in either the Dining Service or Panther Card equipment.


  • Carry your card "naked", especially in your back pocket. This is the number one ID killer on college campuses across the USA.
  • Punch holes in your card.
  • Place your card near anything that may erase the magnetic stripe (stereo speakers, television, magnet, etc.).
  • Use your card as an ice scraper.
  • Hold your ID in your mouth at anytime. Teeth marks and saliva will damage the card's magnetic stripe and smart chip.
  • Loan your Panther Card to anyone at anytime! Keep it in a safe place at all times just as you would MasterCard or Visa credit cards.