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PantherTech Support

What is a Panther Card? 

Your Panther Card is your main form of Identification on Campus. It can also be used to make purchases by using Panther Cash. Your Panther Card will also provide access to the University meal plan options through Dining Dollars and Meal Swipes. 


The Official University Identification card, which is required for all students, staff, and faculty.

  • Your EIU ID number provides a common means by which departments can identify individuals. It is also used for student billing instead of your social security number. The "E" number is your own personal identification number.
  • Your official library number appears on the front surface of the card. Use your Panther Card to check out books at Booth Library.
  • To gain access to computer labs.
  • To utilize the University's Student Recreation Center.
  • To attend sporting events.
  • Access to other University related functions.

Panther Cash

  • Smart Chip technology brings the convenience of electronic cash for on-campus purchases.
  • The chip electronically stores up to $100 pre-paid cash value.
  • Used on-campus only!
  • Adding Panther Cash Value:
    • Cash-to-Chip Machines can be used to add Panther Cash value to your card with cash increments of $1, $5, $10, or $20. To add value, visit one of our 15 conveniently located Cash-to-Chip machines on campus.

Panther Dining

Your Panther Card provides access to the University meal plan options - Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars, through magnetic stripe technology. The card number, which contains sixteen digits and is displayed on the front surface of the Panther Card, is used to link the card holder's meal plan to their card.

For additional information regarding the features and costs of each plan, please contact the Office of University Housing & Dining Services at 217-581-5733.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars can be used at any of the Residential Dining Centers, University Food Court, Panther Pantry, Java Beanery & Bakery or the Convenience Centers located in the Thomas Dining Center. On-campus residents receive tax-free purchases at any Dining Facility on campus when using Dining Dollars.

Add more Dining Dollars to your card at the Office of University Housing and Dining Services in the MLK Jr. Union.

Meal Swipes

Meal Swipes can only be used in the residential dining centers. Increase the number of Meal Swipes on your card at the Office of University Housing and Dining Services in the MLK, Jr. Union.