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What is good Password Security? 

The first step in keeping your password secure is to create a strong password. A strong password consist of upper and lower case letters with a number and a special character. Be sure that you password is at least 8 characters long. After you've created a strong password, continue with the suggestions below to keep it safe:

Never share your password with anyone: It is against University policy to do so. This includes family, friends, significant others, computer support people, and bosses. If you need someone to read your email, you can have that person do so without using your password by using the delegates feature in Outlook.

Never save your password if prompted by your browser or any other programs.

Avoid writing your password down.

Never send your password in email, even if the request looks official: Not only is it against university policy (see the first suggestion in this list), but such requests are most likely phishing attempts.