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EIU Master of Arts in Music

Audition Requirements

Strings:Audition Request

  • Three contrasting works from standard literature.  Suggested: one movement of a concerto and one movement of solo Bach. An etude may be used for the third contrasting work.
  • Three octave major and minor scales
  • Sight-reading (provided at the audition)


  • Four contrasting selections from the standard song or opera/oratorio literature in at least three different languages
  • Sight-reading (provided at the audition)


  • Percussion applicant should perform on at least three of the following areas:
    • Marimba/Vibraphone/Xylophone solo repertoire
    • Multiple Percussion solo repertoire
    • Orchestral excerpts (percussion and/or timpani)
    • Timpani solo repertoire (including Jacques Delecluse etudes)
    • Drum set (demonstration of styles, transcription, prepared play-a-long, plus sight reading)
    • Non-Western percussion (styles, instrument techniques, improvisation)
  • Scales (major and minor, 2 octaves)
  • Sight reading (keyboard and snare drum) Please contact and consult with Professor of Percussion, Jamie V. Ryan, about what repertoire and areas are to be prepared.  Mr. Ryan is flexible in the content, but applicants must prepare at least three substantial works. Auditioning on more than three areas is encouraged.


  • Three contrasting works from standard literature
  • Three orchestral excerpts from standard literature
  • All major and minor scales
  • Sight-reading (provided at the audition)


  • First or third movement of a concerto/sonata from your instrument's standard canon of solo repertoire (accompaniment not necessary).
  • 3-5 orchestral excerpts that demonstrate a range of technical and musical styles OR 3-5 jazz standards with improvisation that demonstrate a range of jazz/Latin styles.
  • All major and 3 common forms of minor scales.
  • Sight-reading (provided at the audition)


  • At least three memorized works of contrasting styles from the standard literature (minimum of 15 minutes of repertoire)
  • Sight-reading (provided at the audition)
  • A list of solo repertoire performed
  • A list of collaborative repertoire performed


Students who wish to study jazz through the Performance Concentration should prepare the following items for their audition.

  • Three contrasting jazz standards
  • Major scales (and their modes), whole tone, diminished, and ascending melodic minor scales (and their modes)
  • Sight reading of chord changes and typical jazz ensemble parts (provided at the audition)

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