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EIU Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor

¡Bienvenidos a la página de los Estudios Latinoamericanos en EIU! Explore a vibrant, interdisciplinary, and exciting Minor! 


Combine your Major with a Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies and boost your résumé. A Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor complements majors in a number of fields and makes you attractive for employers in a global economy.

Our minors have included majors from...

Sociology History Spanish English Political Science and more. 

Career Benefits...

Are you planning to enter government service, journalism, international business, or work in the environmental sciences?

Are you planning to work in the nonprofit sector?

Especially for those who have an intermediate (or higher) proficiency level of Spanish, there are many opportunities to work with a diverse population of people of Latin American heritage.

Are you planning to pursue an advanced degree in international business or law?

Are you planning to go to graduate school in the humanities or social sciences?

A minor in LAS provides students with an interdisciplinary grounding in the culture, history, and politics of Latin America.

Latin American Studies...

Focuses on the diverse regions, societies, and cultures of Latin America.

Represents an interdisciplinary approach.

Attracts scholars from a wide range of disciplines, such as history, language, literature, communication studies, geography, sociology, film studies, political science, business, and many other areas of interest

You will...

Increase and enhance your Spanish language skills.

Take courses from several departments.

Integrate different academic approaches.

Discuss traditional issues and contemporary movements.

Study and develop new perspectives.

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