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EIU Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies

Faculty and Staff Listing

Dr. Jake Emmett, Professor

Office: 2202 - Lantz

Jake Emmett's Vita

Current Syllabi

Frequently Taught Courses

KSS 3860 - Organization and Administration in Exercise Science

KSS 4340 - Exercise Physiology

KSS 4900 - Special Topic: Exercise Nutrition

KSS 5250 - Exercise Electrocardiography

KSS 5270 - Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology

KSS 5280 - Exercise Metabolism and Body Composition



B.S., Physical Education. Utah State University

M.S., Physical Education. Utah State University

Ph.D., Exercise Science, Penn State University

Professional Organizations

Illinois Assocaition of Health, Physical Recration and Dance

American College of Sports Medicine

Exercise Specialist Certification, ACSM



Emmett, J. (2007). The Physiology of Marathon Running. Marathon & Beyond, Jan/Feb

Selected Publications

DiNaso, J, Pritschet, B., Emmett, J., Owen, J., Willardson, J., Beck, T., DeFreitas, J., and Fontana, F.  Comparing thigh muscle cross-sectional area and squat strength among national class Olympic weightlifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders. International SportMed Journal, 13(2):48-57, 2012.

Willardson, J., E. Bressel, J. Emmett, and T. Oliver. Effect of failure versus non-failure training on muscular endurance. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 3(3):279-293, 2008

Russell, W., Pritschet, B., Frost, E., Emmett, J., Pelley, T, Black, J., and Owen, J. “A comparison of post-exercise mood enhancement across common exercise distraction activities.” Journal of Sport Behavior 26(4):368, 2003.

Whaley, M.H., Woodall, M.T., Kaminsky, L.A., and Emmett, J.D. Reliability of perceived exertion during graded exercise testing in apparently healthy adults.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation  17(1): 37-42, 1997.

Emmett, J.D. A review of heart rate and blood pressure responses in cold air in healthy and coronary artery disease patients.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 15:19-24, 1995.

Emmett, J.D. Doping in sport: A reflection of a lose of science and ethics. The Illinois Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 35:17-19, 1995.

Emmett, J.D. and Hodgson, J.L. Cardiovascular responses to shoveling in a thermoneutral, cold, and cold with wind environment. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 13(1):43-50, 1993.

Selected Conference Presentations

Exercise and the Heart, IAHPERD 2010

Ergogenic Aids and Exercise, IAHPERD 2008

Exercise Myths and Misconceptions, IAHPERD 2007

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Marathon Running. IAHPERD 2006

Nutrition for Athletes and Active Individuals. IAHPERD 2005

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Contact Information for Kinesiology and Sports Studies

Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies

2506 Lantz Building
Charleston, IL
(217) 581-2215
Fax: (217) 581-7973

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