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    OneNote Notebooks

    ITC Fall 2015 OneNote Notebook

    ITC Spring 2015 OneNote Notebook


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    30 Days with Office 365 for Educators


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    FSI 2014 Presentation

    FSI 2015 Presentation


    Sway Examples

    Checkout the new "Sway" app that is currently in beta testing. Below is an example Sway that I think teachers of any level will find useful as a presentation and/or ePortfolio tool to showcase their work.

    Sway IconTeaching and Learning with Technology Sway Example

                           Jack and the Beanstalk Sway Example

                               Summer 2015 Maker Project Sway

                                   ITC Star Wars Bulletin Board

    Free eBooks

    Dr. Grissom has published three eBooks about the use of Windows 8 Tablets in education from a compilation of blog posts. These are now available in a PDF format, click on the link below to be directed to a download site.


    Free eBook: 30 Days with a Surface RT (1st Generation) Windows 8 Tablet for Educators


    Lessons Learned: 30 Days with a Surface Pro Windows 8 Tablet


    30 Days with a Windows 8 Tablet - Samsung Ativ 500T Smart PC



    ITC Spring 2015 OneNote Notebook