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EIU Workers' Compensation

Filing a Claim

If the incident requires no medical action please use the incident only procedures.

1. Once an employee has been injured on the job or suffers from a work-related injury/illness/disease, he/she should notify his/her immediate supervisor of the injury or illness.

2. The employee must contact the Tristar Hotline at 1-855-495-1554. If the employee is unable to make this call, the supervisor may place the call.

3. The next step is to complete the appropriate workers' compensation forms:

Employee Completes

Witness Completes

Supervisor Completes (must be typed or completed by supervisor)

4. Return all completed forms to the workers' compensation coordinator in Room 2020, Old Main.

5. If the forms are incomplete or incorrectly filled out, the workers' compensation coordinator will return the forms along with a memorandum outlining what needs to be completed or corrected. This action may also involve calling the Tristar Hotline if it has not been done so yet. Failure to complete any necessary actions could delay the processing of the claim and payment of bills.

6. Claims are processed and sent to Tristar Risk Enterprise Management, Inc. for review by a claims examiner, who will determine if the claim is compensable or non-compensable. Please note that this decision is NOT made at Eastern Illinois University by the workers' compensation coordinator.

7. If the employee sought medical attention for the injury/illness, all medical bills and associated bills should be sent directly to: (co-pays should not be paid for a work-related incident).

Tristar Risk Enterprise Management, Inc.

PO Box 2803
Clinton, IA 52733-2803

8. Failure to inform the medical provider that the injury/illness is work-related will result in the employee being billed directly for the services or his/her insurance plan.

Please contact the EIU Workers' Compensation Coordinator at (217)581-5825 with any questions.


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Contact Information

Workers' Compensation Coordinator

Old Main Room 2020
(217) 581-5825
Fax: (217) 581-3614

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