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EIU Graduate Assessment

Graduate Learning Goals

(adopted Fall 2021)

  • A depth of content knowledge. The depth of content knowledge can include program learning objectives related specifically to the knowledge base as defined by the discipline; specific skill sets in the areas of technology, leadership, management, or laboratory procedures; application of theory into practice; and/or competency as a performer, educator, artist, or conductor
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Critical thinking and problem solving can be assessed through various class assignments including laboratory procedures and reports; application of case studies and other simulated situations; and evaluations of health/medical status as well as by performance on the program's comprehensive knowledge component.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills. Oral and written communication skills typically are assessed throughout the students' degree program. Regular course assignments, including position papers, lab reports, research reviews, technical presentations, debates, and facilitated discussions as well as performance as a graduate assistant, if appropriate, can be utilized.
  • Evidence of advanced scholarship through research and/or creative activity. Advanced scholarship through research and creative activity is a critical component of all graduate degree programs. Evidence of scholarly activity might include formulating, conducting, and presenting original research, critically reviewing and synthesizing existing research, designing artwork or other creative works and composing a musical piece.
  • Ethical and professional responsibility is an important component of graduateā€level training and may include awareness of specific codes of ethics in a discipline, integrity in scholarship and research practices, professional disposition, respect and value for diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to respectful and responsible discourses within and beyond a discipline.

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