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EIU Freshman Connection


For incoming students:

  • Academic support, such as time management and study skills to promote long-term student excellence in the classroom.
  • Financial literacy, including budgeting, navigating student bills online, and searching for scholarships. These interventions will target the greatest risks for freshman students, as financial aspects of college can be overwhelming without proper instruction and support from others.
  • Emotional and social support as freshmen acclimate to their new role as a college student. Having such a social and emotional system in place that centers on peer mentorship and support will quickly give freshmen a sense of acclimatization and involvement with EIU.
  • A well-rounded foundation of knowledge that will help students cultivate invaluable skills as they continue in their college career, leading to success well past their first year at EIU.
  • A positive cycle in which students grow into eventual leadership roles and inspire the next generation of incoming students to take part in the EIU leadership community.

For mentors:

  • Leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills while in their role as mentor and leader on campus.
  • Involvement with graduate students will create an engaging environment for undergraduate mentors to learn these skills from a unique and inspiring source. They will be well-equipped to recognize when fellow students are in need in addition to knowing how to take initiative in these situations.
  • Relational skills as they act as a supportive resource for their freshman mentees, empowering them to positively impact others’ lives even after their time in the program is done.
  • Character-building opportunities while participating in the program, allowing for personal growth and an increase in confidence, compassion, and competence. These leaders can become strong, supportive mentors that represent EIU well.
  • Enthusiastic mentors and positive program experiences will inspire freshmen to take part in the program again in a leadership role once they are upperclassmen, as they will want to join the program that invested so much into their own personal success.


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