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EIU Finance Program

Careers in Finance

Business Financial Management / Corporate Finance
Financial managers work in corporations and other businesses as well as in government and nonprofit organizations. Responsibilities include analyzing and implementing investment decisions; monitoring financial performance; managing cash, working capital and short-term investments; and raising funds in the capital markets.

Job titles include: financial analyst, financial manager, financial officer, credit manager, treasurer, and controller.

Pursue a fast paced career as a stock broker, securities analyst, investment banker, or portfolio manager employed by securities firms, mutual funds, investment consulting firms, pension funds, hedge funds, or financial institutions.

Job titles include: stock broker, securities analyst, portfolio manager, mutual fund manager, investment banker.

Financial Institutions Management
Manage the provision of financial services by commercial banks, credit unions, and other financial firms by determining the creditworthiness of borrowers; valuing collateral; implementing credit decisions; managing loans, deposits, trusts, and security transactions; and managing risk through the use of futures, options, and swaps.

Job titles include: loan analyst, credit analyst, mortgage analyst, loan officer, loan processor, bank manager, branch manager, trust officer, and corporate lender.

Personal Financial Planning
Financial planners assist clients to achieve their financial goals by identifying client goals; evaluating client’s financial status, developing and implementing financial plans, and monitoring progress in achieving the client’s goals. Successful completion of Eastern Illinois University financial planning coursework fulfills the educations requirements for the CFP™ certification examination.

Insurance and Risk Management
Professionals in insurance and risk management assess risk and develop and implement plans to manage risk for individuals and organizations, including transferring risk through the use of insurance.

Job titles include: insurance agent, insurance sales representative, insurance broker, claims adjuster, insurance underwriter, risk manager, and insurance portfolio manager.

Real Estate Management
Professionals in real estate develop, value, finance, manage and invest in land and buildings for residential and commercial uses.

Job titles include: real estate agent, realtor, real estate manager, property manager, mortgage underwriter, and mortgage analyst.

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