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EIU Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology Curriculum

The Environmental Biology program consists of a series of biology, chemistry, physical science and general education core requirements, which include a field internship. Students choose additional elective courses to design a major based on their academic goals. These courses include biology, chemistry, earth sciences, geology/geography, journalism, recreation, and psychology.

We also encourage students who are interested in natural resource management and conservation biology to consider participating in the interdisciplinary minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Note: requirements are based on catalog year.

I. Common Core (74-75 Semester Hours)
BIO 1500 4 SH General Biology I
BIO 1150 1 SH Biology Forum
BIO 1550G 4 SH General Botany II
BIO 3120 4 SH Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 3180 4 SH Ecology and Evolution
BIO 3200 4 SH Genetics
BIO 3510 or BIO 3520  4 SH Animal or Plant Physiology
BIO 3850 3 SH Environmental Biology
BIO 4275 12 SH Internship
CHM 1310G 3 SH General Chemistry I
CHM 1315G 1 SH General Chemistry I Lab
CHM 1410 3 SH General Chemistry II
CHM 1415 1 SH General Chemistry II Lab
CHM 2430 3 SH Organic Chemistry
CHM 2435 1 SH Organic Chemistry Lab
MAT 1441G 5 SH Calculus and Analytical Geometry I
BIO 4750 or MAT 2250G 3 or 4 SH Biometrics or Elementary Statistics
ECN 2800G 3 SH Economics of Social Issues
PLS 4763 3 SH Environmental Policy and Politics
II. Elective Coursework (15 Semester Hours)
BIO 3300 General Microbiology BIO 3322 Dendrology
BIO 3450 Independent Study BIO 3451 Undergraduate Research
BIO 3612 Plant Evolution and Diversity BIO 3710 Plant-Animal Interactions
BIO 3720 Entomology BIO 3810 Freshwater Ecology
BIO 3950 Vertebrate Natural History BIO 3952 Invertebrate Natural History
BIO 4400 Teaching in the Lab BIO 4810 Plant Ecology
BIO 4812 Fisheries Ecology and Management BIO 4814 Conservation Biology
BIO 4816 Studies of Biotic Communities BIO 4818 Environmental Microbiology
BIO 4820 Spatial Analysis BIO 4840 Resource Mngmt. and Environ. Assessment
BIO 4832 Animal Behavior BIO 4940 Phycology
BIO 4942 Mycology BIO 4944 Lichens
BIO 4946 Bryology BIO 4948 Plant Taxonomy
BIO 4950 Ichthyology BIO 4952 Herpetology
BIO 4954 Ornithology BIO 4956 Mammalogy
BIO 4958 Parasitology BIO 4960 Wetland and Aquatic Plants
BIO 4964 Entomology    

CHM 4750 Environmental Chemistry

ECN 3810 Economics of Natural Resources

ESC 3300 Soils
ESC 3550 Surface Water Processing and Resources

GEG 3780 Land Use Planning
GEG 3810 GIS I
GEG 3820 Remote Sensing I
GEG 3870 Remote Sensing II

GEL 4850 Environmental Geology

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Contact Information

Dr. Robert Colombo
EVB Program Coordinator

Dept. of Biological Sciences
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920

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