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EIU TRiO Student Support Services

 TRIO Frequently Asked Questions 

If I participated in a TRIO program (SSS, UB, Talent Search, UB Math & Science) prior to entering EIU do I still need to apply?

Yes, although you were a part of another TRIO program, you will still need to complete the EIU TRIO application and submit the required documentation. The federal government requires us to maintain our own records of your participation.

What does being first generation mean?

According to the US Department of Education, being first generation means that neither of your natural or adoptive parents or the parent you lived with most, have a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year institution. If your parent attended a 4 year institution but did not graduate or earned an associate’s degree, you are still considered first generation. You can view our resources for first-generation students here.

Do I need to re-apply for TRIO each year?

No, once you are admitted to the TRIO program you will be tracked until you graduate. If you are academically dismissed or take a break from EIU, you will not need to reapply if you return within 6 years of the time you were accepted to the TRIO program.

My parents did not file taxes last year. How can I show proof of income?

Although we prefer to have the latest federal tax returns, we will accept a couple other options. We will accept your Student Aid Report (SAR) which you can find on the website. We can also accept a written statement from your parent explaining that they did not file the previous year’s tax return. A medical card or other governmental source will also suffice to show low-income status.

I file my own tax returns, do I still need my parents?

Yes, unless you can show that you are an independent student we will still need your parents latest federal tax returns. 

What constitutes being an independent student?

An independent student is a student who is over the age of 24, who is emancipated from their parents, a veteran or considered a ward of the state.

What type of academic support do we offer?

TRIO offers academic support in many forms including the following:

    • Tutoring: We offer one-on-one tutoring both in person & online covering subjects as Biology & Chemistry, Math, Spanish, English, and even proofreading papers.
    • Academic Advisement: TRIO staff works with students to assess their specific academic needs and provide feedback on ways to improve their study habits, time management, and organizational skills. We will also assist student in selecting courses and creating a graduation plan.
    • LASSI: Online Study Skills Assessment: LASSI is a quick holistic survey that is designed to help you improve your academic and study skills.
    • College Student Inventory: Provides detailed information about each student’s academic motivations, areas of risk, and receptivity to specific student services.

What type of career & graduate school support do we offer?

TRIO staff work with students to explore career options using various resources. Staff assist in creating resumes, cover letters, finding internships, and conducting mock interviews. We will also work with students on finding, applying, and obtaining financial assistance to graduate school and professional programs. TRIO keeps current entrance exam study materials for student use (i.e. GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT).

What type of financial support do we offer?

TRIO offers workshops and advising on various financial topics including budgeting, saving, personal money management, and basic economic decision-making skills, and assistance in applying for financial aid and scholarships. We use an online program to help educate students on saving money, understanding debt and loans, etc. TRIO also offers a Housing or Tuition scholarship exclusively for our TRIO participants.

How much time do I have to commit to TRIO?

There technically is no required time you must spend with us, however, we encourage students to meet with their TRIO Advisor at least twice a month and use the other services (i.e. tutoring, printing, study materials, etc.) as much as possible. We do consider the amount of time you spend using TRIO resources when selecting students for our TRIO scholarship.

Is there a fee to participate in TRIO?

No, all services are free to participate. Students are expected to be responsible and attend agreed upon events paid by the program.

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