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EIU Biology Department Alumni & Friends

Alumni and Friends Giving Opportunities

Annual Funds

Each year, the Biology Department raises funds to support academic programs, student professional development, faculty development, and special needs of the School by soliciting our alumni through telephone and direct mailing efforts. These annual funds are typically used to support student travel to conferences, student field trips, student research, and the departmental operations.

Priority Funding Needs

In addition to these very important annual gifts that are shared through the generosity of alumni and friends, the Biology Department has established Priority Funding Needs for major gifts to support student and faculty excellence.

Special Gifts

Special gifts are funds that assist with major needs of the Biology Department. These gifts are usually sought during a campaign for a major program initiative, a Center for Excellence, facilities improvement, distinguished professorships, or other major project requiring significant financial support.

Deferred Giving

Deferred giving includes gifts in the form of bequests, trusts, gift annuities, insurance policies, real estate, pension plans, and other accumulated assets. The assistance of a gift planning professional, attorney, banker, trustee, and financial planner may be needed in making these gifts. The Director of Philanthropy can provide valuable assistance in coordinating these professionals and insuring the intended use of the gift.

Give a Gift Online Now!

To give a gift online, visit

  • Botany: Gifts to specifically support botanical programs, its students, and its faculty.
  • Zoology: Gifts to support zoological programs.
  • Health Sciences: Gifts to specifically support the Pre-Health Program, its students, and its faculty.
  • Environmental Biology: Gifts to specifically support the Environmental Biology Program, its students, and its faculty.
  • Graduate Program: Gifts to specifically support the Graduate Program, its students, and its faculty.
  • Undergraduate Program: Gifts to specifically support the Undergraduate Program, its students, and its faculty.
  • Special Events: Gifts to support special events within the department.
  • Community Outreach: Gifts to support many different initiatives of the department, including, but not limited to: faculty and student travel to presentations, registered student organization initiatives, and professional development activities.
  • Facilities Support: Gifts directed to improve the department's facilities, equipment and technology.
  • Scholarships and Awards: Gifts directed to provide deserving students with financial rewards for excellence.

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