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EIU Department of Office of Internal Auditing


The policies published in this document are the internal governing policies and procedures of Eastern Illinois University. Each of the statements has been reviewed and is considered to be current and operative. Changes have been made in some statements to reflect minor editorial and procedural changes. These statements are not intended to be all-inclusive and are supplemented by other publications, including the following:


Each policy statement identifies a monitor who is responsible for maintaining, updating and interpreting that particular policy. Questions of interpretation of and exceptions to a policy should be directed to the appropriate monitor.

Responsibility for Compliance

It is the responsibility of each individual to comply with these internal governing policies, as well as all other policies of the University. Administrators/supervisors are responsible for taking appropriate steps to insure compliance by persons under their supervision.


The monitor of a policy is responsible for reviewing the statement regularly and for making recommendations to the Office of the President when revisions should be considered.

Office of the President
August 1997

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