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Cohort Information

Please read the following procedures for applying to a cohort within the department:

Student should be admitted to the Graduate School and the department before applying to a cohort.  Please click on the Prospective Students tab and then to Admission Requirements for information on applying to Eastern's Graduate School and the Department.  Additional paperwork is required for admittance into a cohort program (see below).

Cohorts begin in certain locations at different periods throughout the year.  Please check with Catrina Stanley, Office Manager at 217-581-2919 or by email at clstanley@eiu.edu to inquire when the next cohort will begin in your area.

Master's in Education in Educational Leadership (M.S.) - Educational Leadership Cohort Program (No certificate)

  • 33 semester hour program to equal 11 courses
             - 6 semesters (2 year program)
             - Classes meet during Spring, Summer and Fall sessions
  • Upon successful completion students will receive M.S. degree in Educational Leadership


Principal Endorsement Program - Educational Leadership Cohort Program (Principal Endorsement)

  • 9 semester hour program to equal four (4) courses
             - 3 semesters (one-year program)
             - Classes meet during Spring, Summer and Fall sessions
  • Upon successful completion students will have the ability to apply for the Illinois Principal Endorsement
                    * Completion of Principal Preparation Program
                    * Four (4) years of full-time teaching experience in a certificated position in K-12 schools.  Fulltime is 
                       defined by the Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/24-11.
                    * Passing of state examination to include the basic skills examination


Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) - Educational Leadership Cohort Program (Superintendent Endorsement Program)

  • 33 semester hour program to equal 10 courses
             - 5 semesters
             - Classes meet during Spring, Summer and Fall sessions
  • Upon successful completion students will:
             - receive Ed.S. degree in Educational Administration
             - have the ability to apply for the Illinois Superintendent Endorsement
                    * Completion of degree
                    * Two (2) years of administrative or supervisory experience in K-12 schools
                    * Passing of state examination


Current Off-Campus Cohort Locations include


Master's Specialist
(Parkland College)
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon  


Cohort Information

  • Most classes will meet in a weekend format (Friday 5-10, Saturday 8-4) 
    2 semester hour course meets 2 weekends (Superintendent Program)
    - 3 or 4 semester hour course meets 3 weekends (Both MSED and Superintendent Programs)
    Some classes may utilize on-line sessions instead of a class meeting, but no classes are offered 
                totally on-line
  • Classes only cycle through the cohort one time.  If conflicts arise, meaning students are unable to attend class sessions, students are encouraged to drop the course and pick it up at another time or location
  • All class registrations are completed online through the Educational Leadership website
  • Tuition waivers or scholarships cannot be used
  • Tuition and fees paid to the Regional Office of Education (ROE)
  • Financial Aid is available for those students who qualify 


  • 2 semester hours = approximately $696.00
  • 3 semester hours = approximately $1030.00
  • 4 semester hours = approximately $1365.00
  • Cost = approxmately $360.00 per semester hour (includes fees and textbooks)

These are the estimated costs for the FY13 academic year.  Costs will increase each Fall semester.  Please note that the dollar amounts above cover tuition, fees and textbooks.

Cohort Admittance

Additional Forms are necessary for a student to become a member of a cohort.  After acceptance to Eastern's Graduate School and admission into the department, students must complete these additional forms for entry into a cohort program:

           Cohort Application Form (Master's)

         Cohort Application Form (Educational Specialist - Superintendent Program)

            Continuing Education Student Cohort Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding

Students may mail or fax the Student Cohort Memorandum of Agreement to the department.

Mailing address is:  The Department of Educational Leadership, Eastern Illinois University, 2320 Buzzard Hall, 
                          600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston, IL  61920

Fax number is:  217-581-6673

Additional Cohort Forms

Off Campus Cohort Course Registration Request Form

Off Campus Cohort Course Waitlist Request Form 

Continuing Education Cohort Course Information (cost, direction, courses, etc.)