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Panther Marching Band Audition Info

Guard Audition Information

Auditions for the 2017 PMB Color Guard have been completed. Check back here this Fall for information on the 2018 Auditions which will take place in April.

Auditions are mandatory. Contact Dr. Druffel if you cannot attend. 

Sample Schedule:Guard

9:00 AM Registration at Doudna Fine Arts Building

9:30 AM Informational Meeting/Fundamentals

11:45 AM Lunch/Individual Practice

1:00 PM Learn Routine

3:00 PM Group Auditions

4:00 PM Solo Auditions and Interviews (Dismissed when you are finished)

All candidates are asked to wear appropriate attire to the auditions. Additionally, each candidate must perform a short (90-second) solo routine. This could be an excerpt from a marching or winter guard show, or something you choreographed yourself. Incorporate rifle and dance if you are comfortable, and please provide music for your solo audition.

Anyone interested in being part of the PMB as a twirler should contact Dr. Druffel.

Let Us Know You Are Coming!

Please register HERE, if you plan on attending. 

Questions? Can't make the audition date? Contact Dr. Benjamin Druffel at bjdruffel@eiu.edu


DrumLine Auditions 

DrumlineTo audition for the Panther Drumline, you will need to submit two videos of your playing:

1. Choose four (or more) patterns to play from the Check Patterns PDF - which you can download by clicking the link below. Choose only from patterns 1-10. (The very first pattern, labeled "check" does not count.) Each pattern should be played a tempo between 86-100 beats per minute and can be played on marching snare, concert snare, or even a practice pad.  

Check Patterns

 2. Prepare a one minute video of your playing on any drumline instrument (snare, quads, bass, or cymbals). The content should demonstrate your technical and musical ability. This can include a portion of your high school band's cadence, a portion of a drumline feature from your high school show, or some other technical exercise.

Make sure that your face and hands are completely visible in the videos! You do not need a special HD camera to do this. Simply get out your cell phone and make a video. Audition videos should be emailed to Dr. Benjamin Druffel at bjdruffel@eiu.edu before May 1. 

The Panther Marching Band does not utilize a pit ensemble. However, do not let that discourage you from auditioning. We have had plenty of pit players pick up drumline battery very quickly! Contact Dr. Druffel if you have any questions. 


Wind Part Placement Hearings

There are no auditions required for membership in the wind sections of the Panther Marching Band. However, we do require a part placement hearing which takes place during Pre-Season Camp. This allows us to hear all prospective members and allows us to assign parts for pre-game and the half-time shows. It also allows for you to meet our staff and ask any questions you may have about the Panther Marching Band. 

What to prepare:

1) Two major scales of your choice, preferably two octaves
2) A chromatic scale which demonstrates your range on your instrument
3) Eastern State March (EIU fight song). Instructions for how to get this music will come to you sometime in July. 


If you have questions about any auditions, please read our FAQs or email Dr. Benjamin Druffel at bjdruffel@eiu.edu for more information.