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Panther Marching Band Audition Info

Wind Part Placement Hearings

There are no auditions required for membership in the wind sections of the Panther Marching Band. However we do require a part placement hearing. This allows us to hear all prospective members and allows us to assign parts for pre-game and the half-time shows during Pre-Season Camp. It also allows for you to meet our staff and ask any questions you may have about the Panther Marching Band. Students who have marched a year or more with the PMB or who have auditioned for and have been accepted into the Department of Music do not need to complete the part placement hearing. All students planning on marching with the PMB must complete the online forms located HERE. Part placement hearings for woodwind and brass players will take place during Pre-Season Camp.

If you have questions, please read our FAQs or email Dr. Benjamin Druffel at bjdruffel@eiu.edu for more information.

Part Placement information for Woodwind and Brass

When: During Pre-Season Camp
Where: Eastern Illinois University Campus, Doudna Fine Arts Center, DFAC 0357
Contact: Dr. Benjamin Druffel at bjdruffel@eiu.edu

What to prepare:
1) Two major scales of your choice, preferably two octaves
2) A chromatic scale which demonstrates your range on your instrument
3) Eastern State March (EIU fight song)


DrumLine Auditions will be held in April, 2017. (Date TBA)

The PMB Drum Line is a very visible and vital part of the energy that is the Panther Marching Band. Warm-up materials, a cadence, and parts to Salute to America are available on line and should be prepared in advanced. Additionally, each candidate will be placed on various instruments in a full line and learn exercises and an additional cadence. This will allow for assessing each candidate's flexibility and learning speed. Each candidate should also prepare one-minute of a technical exercise or etude to demonstrate individual technical skill.  If you are unable to attend the auditions, you will need to submit a high quality video recording via youtube. Make sure that your hands and face are completely visible.

Let Us Know You Are Coming!

If you plan to attend the Drum Line clinic/audition, please register HERE.

Click each link below for the warm-ups and audition pieces:

Warm-ups 1

Warm-ups 2

Warm-ups 3

Salute to America - bass

Salute to America - cymbals

Salute to America - snare

Salute to America - tenor

Take It Back - bass

Take It Back - cymbals

Take It Back - snare

Take It Back - tenor


Guard Audition Information

Auditions for the PMB Guard will be held in April, 2017. (Dates TBA)

Sample Schedule

Day 1 (Clinic)
4:00 PM Registration
4:30 PM Informational Meeting
5:00 PM Group Dinner
6:00 PM Warm-up/Stretching
6:30 PM Fundamentals for Flags
7:30 PM Fundamentals for Rifle (for those interested)
8:00 PM Fight Song
9:00 PM One-on-One with Instructors/Leaders

9:00 AM Registration at Doudna Fine Arts Building
9:30 AM Informational Meeting/Fundamentals
11:45 AM Lunch/Individual Practice
1:00 PM Learn Routine
3:00 PM Group Auditions
4:00 PM Solo Auditions and Interviews (Dismissed when you are finished)

All candidates are asked to wear appropriate attire to the auditions. Additionally, each candidate must perform a short (90-second) solo routine. This could be an excerpt from a marching or winter guard show, or something you choreographed yourself. Incorporate rifle and dance if you are comfortable, and please provide music for your solo audition.

Let Us Know You Are Coming!

If you plan to attend any of the Guard or DrumLine clinics, please register HERE.

Feature Twirler Audition Information

Audition Information

The position(s) of Feature Twirler with the Panther Marching Band at the EIU is determined through a competitive audition. At EIU, the band features one or two twirlers.

Auditions for the 2017 Panther Marching Band Feature Twirler will be held in April, 2017 (date TBA), on the Eastern Illinois University's campus in Charleston, IL. Warm-ups will begin at 9:30am; the auditions will begin at 10am. Auditions are closed to the public, therefore parents and friends are not invited to observe.

To register for an audition, please complete the online registration form no later than April 1, 2017.

All applicants must have applied and been accepted to the university either as an undergraduate or graduate student — to be eligible for auditions.

Musical media must be in either compact disc format or contained on an iPod. CD's are the preferred format. Please provide a backup of your music on a different media device in case there are technical difficulties. A sound system will be provided. Judging is based on the following:

  • Twirling Skill, 30 pts.
  • Dance/Body Control, 20 pts.
  • Routine/Difficulty Content, 15 pts.
  • Technique and Execution, 10 pts.
  • Showmanship and Presentation, 15 pts.
  • Interview, 10 pts.
  • Improvisation, 10 pts.

The level of twirling difficulty and technique is the most important factor in the audition. We seek twirlers with well-developed technique who can adapt their skills to a variety of musical styles and perform their routines within the rhythmic foundation of the music. Successful routines will incorporate a variety of turns and catches, toss illusion, highlight tumbling abilities, multiple baton work (four baton is encouraged but not required), and your maximum potential of difficulty. Please be prepared to highlight your strengths and incorporate novelty equipment as needed. No fire batons will be allowed at the audition.

The routine should be continuous and last four to six minutes. You are required to perform one, two, and three baton twirling, demonstrate strutting ability, and incorporate dance skills. It is recommended that you use a variety of music displaying different tempos (rhythms). Additional equipment may be used, but is not required.

Also included in the audition will be a 45–60 second improvisational routine. We will give you a tape of music, allow two minutes for you to listen to it, and then have you perform a routine to it. As indicated above, this will account for ten points of your total score. You will be scored on presentation, content, and consistency of movement (flow), and entertainment value for this routine. This portion of the audition will occur after all candidates have performed their prepared creative routines and before each candidate's interview.

Please wear appropriate clothing. We recommend wearing a twirling costume as well as performance hair and make-up. In general, you should present yourself in the manner you would want an audience to view you with the Panther Marching Band.

Judges will consist of: Dr. Benjamin Druffel (EIU's Marching Band Director), Allison Christian (EIU's Color Guard Instructor), current EIU graduate assistants, and former EIU Feature Twirlers. Auditions will be closed to the public. Judge’s comments and scores are confidential and will not be disclosed.
The application form and a picture of yourself must be submitted to at least two weeks prior to auditions. This helps in identifying and remembering your application at audition.

Audition Requirements Applicable to All Candidates

  • All prospective candidates are encouraged to audition in person on campus. Video auditions will be allowed, but must be submitted prior to date of auditions.
  • You must complete the online registration form no later than April 1, 2016.
  • You must have confirmed EIU student status by the announced audition date in order to be considered in the Feature Twirler. For the purpose of Feature Twirler auditions, confirmed student status is defined as: An offer of admission to EIU, i.e., a letter from EIU Admission’s office. No exceptions.
  • All prospective candidates must meet the applicable eligibility requirements described below by the date of the audition. Eligibility requirements must be verifiable by the Panther March Band office. No exceptions.
  • All prospective candidates are expected to provide accurate information and are responsible for updating the EIU Band office (217-581-2312) with any change in academic status. Providing inaccurate or misleading information at any stage of the audition process will be cause to cancel the student's participation in auditions and/or void the student's audition results.

Eligibility Requirements and Limitations
If you are interested in auditioning for the Feature Twirler position, use the information provided to determine the requirements and limitations that are applicable to you. High school students, current EIU students, or transfer students are eligible to audition for the Feature Twirler with the Panther Marching Band.

Announcement and any scholarship offer will be made within the week after auditions.