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The program requires 32 hours (without a thesis) or 30 hours (with a thesis). There are four core courses that all students must complete: FCS 5450 (Supervision and Administration in FCS), FCS 5460 (Current Issues and Trends in FCS), FCS 5900 (Research Methods in FCS), and FCS 5901 (Statistics in FCS). In addition, each student chooses one of the following options to include in the program for a minimum of three and a maximum of six semester hours: Internship (FCS 5980), Independent Study (FCS 5990), or Thesis (FCS 5950). Either the comprehensive exam or thesis is required as the Certificate of Comprehensive Knowledge.

Students may develop an individualized graduate program with approved selection of courses in family services, consumer studies, textiles and nutrition. Applicants who have not completed a baccalaureate family and consumer sciences program will be expected to satisfy undergraduate deficiency course requirements in addition to their graduate course requirements. Potential undergraduate deficiency courses include FCS 1800 (Life Span Human Development), FCS 2100 (Personal Nutrition) and FCS 3300 (Consumer Education) or their approved equivalencies. The graduate coordinator and graduate admissions committee will identify any undergraduate deficits at the time the admission decision is made.