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EIU TRiO Day on the campus of UIUC
EIU TRiO Day on the campus of UIUC
EIU TRiO in the Summer 2012
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TRiO Ambassadors Adopt A Family


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TRiO Student Support Services - Student Support Services (SSS) is a comprehensive federally funded TRIO program that offers academic assistance to 175 undergraduate students at Eastern Illinois University. Students can become a participant at any point in their undergraduate program (freshman through senior) and remain in the program until they receive their undergraduate degree from EIU. There is no charge for services provided to students through Student Support Services.

Eastern TRiO Mission Statement - The goal of SSS TRIO Program at Eastern Illinois University is to increase retention and graduation rates of eligible students and to foster an institutional climate supportive of the success of low-income and first-generation college students and/or college students with disabilities. All SSS participants are assigned an individual TRIO advisor who will help them in determining their specific strengths and weaknesses so that the program can offer the most appropriate assistance for each student.

TRiO is under the auspices of the Office of Minority Affairs. The Office of Minority Affairs was created in 1990 to coordinate a variety of minority programs and to deal with the problems and concerns of a diverse student population. The staff offers personal support, answer questions, provides information on special scholarships and internships, dispenses relevant academic information, and provides general information on campus life and social activities. In addition, the office monitors campus climate, collects statistics on minority concerns, and acts as general ombudsman for minority student problems.

Minority Affairs Mission - The Office of Minority Affairs endeavors to pursue, promote and maintain programs that will heighten the awareness, presence and success of minorities and other under-represented groups on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.