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Students should begin preparing for commencement as early as possible.

To participate in Spring 2017 commencement, students must take the following steps:

Activity Deadline Details/Importance
Apply/Reapply to graduate
through PAWS.
 March 22
Doing so ensures you are eligible to graduate and therefore participate in the ceremonies. It also allows your name to appear in the program.**
If planning to participate in commencement by exceptionality*, contact your College Dean's Office to submit an Exceptionality Form.  March 22 Doing so ensures you are eligible to graduate and therefore participate in the ceremonies. It also allows your name to appear in the program.**

Order your cap and gown online.


 April 1
Renting a cap and gown signifies your intent to participate in commencement and allows EIU to plan for your involvement.
Late fees apply after the deadline.
Pick up your cap and gown.  May 4-5
From 9am to 5pm in the Charleston/Mattoon Rooms (3rd Floor of the Union).
 Participate on
Commencement Day.
 May 6
Arrive at the Student Recreation Center in Lantz Arena an hour prior to your ceremony to prepare to walk in your ceremony. THERE IS NO REHEARSAL.

A more detailed printable commencement checklist is available below:
Printable Spring 2017 Commencement Checklist

*Students must meet certain criteria to participate in commencement by exceptionality. To determine eligibility, please contact your college's appropriate certification officer as early as possible. (See Certification Officer contact chart below).

**Names of students who have filled out Confidentiality Requests will not appear in the program. For names to be included in the program, students must have their confidentiality requests lifted by the Registrar's Office prior to the graduation application deadline.

College of Arts and Humanities Betsy Miller (217.581.5221)
College of Sciences Angie Rhoads (217.581.5822)
College of Education and Professional Studies

Bonnie Wilson (217.581.2524)

Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences Amy Annis (217.581.6902)
School of Continuing Education Lori Brewer (217.581.5618)
The Graduate School Lana Beasley (217.581.7490)

Graduation Announcements

Graduation announcements are available online at Herff-Jones and will be mailed to your permanent (home) residence.

Cap and Gown Rental/Pickup

GRADUATES: Rent a cap and gown. Renting a cap and gown indicates your intent to participate in commencement ceremonies and allows EIU to plan for your involvement.

  • The deadline to order a cap and gown is April 1. After the deadline, cap and gown rentals will incur a $20 late fee and must be ordered directly through our vendor. Contact Storie Enterprises (representing Herff Jones) by calling 314-369-6668 or emailing pattystorie@att.net.
Cap and Gown Pickup

May 4-5, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in the Charleston-Mattoon Rooms, MLK Union

Please note:
You must present a photo ID when picking up your cap and gown, and you must order cap and gown before you can pick up your tickets.

  • If you make plans to have someone else pick up your cap and gown for you, they must provide a signed note from you indicating your name, E-number, college, degree and major.
  • If you will not be on campus until Commencement Day, you can pick up your cap and gown in the Student Recreation Center area of Lantz Arena the day of the ceremony.

Arrangements for Persons with Disabilities

Graduates with Special Needs

If you are a graduate with special needs, please contact Alumni Services immediately to make necessary arrangements at 217.581.6616.

Special Needs Guests

Tickets for special needs guest seating will be available and can be requested during ticket distribution. Each guest requiring special seating can be accompanied by one individual escort. Guests are responsible for bringing any special equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) they may need. If you have any questions, please call Alumni Services at 217.581.6616.

Special Needs Parking

Permanent on-campus spaces are designated for persons with disabilities. Additional special-needs parking is available near Lantz Arena on commencement day.

Hearing Impaired Guests or Graduates

A sign language interpreter will be located near the stage. Hearing assist receivers (Frequency 72.900 MHZ Wideband) will be available at the First Aid Station.

Accommodations & Restaurants

Please see the Alumni Services "Charleston" page for a listing of local hotels and restaurants.

Commencement Tickets

Ticket Distribution & Availability

Ticket information will be announced March 24.