Eastern Illinois University
College of Arts and Humanities
Review Committee for CU Pool Awards

2009 Proposal Format: Questions for Research/Creative Activity/Special Project Proposals


Please retype (12-point type) and answer each question.  You are required to respond to all items in the order listed below.  Do not exceed three (3) pages totalAt the top, please include the following information:  Name, Department, Year Tenure Granted, and Number of CUs Requested (3 or 6).


  • Summarize the research/creative activity/special project.  Include a statement of the central research question or objective, artistic discovery or objective, or special project objective of the work to be undertaken.

  • Explain the context and significance of the work to be undertaken.  Indicate the expected value of the work undertaken and the contribution it will make to an understanding of the topic or to artistic and/or technical innovations in the discipline. 
  • Explain the feasibility of the proposed work.  State the steps you will take to implement and complete the project, and your anticipated schedule.
  • Explain your preparation to undertake the work successfully.

  • Explain the potential for this project to link your development as a teacher, scholar, or artist with your scholarly or creative work. Be specific.

  • Explain the value of this project to the University, the College, the Department, and its students and programs. Be specific.


  • Vita.  Please attach a current vita and mark with an asterisk(*) in pen or pencil any publications, papers, performances, or exhibitions related to the proposed project or which indicate your ability to complete the proposed project.  The vita may not exceed five (5) single-sided pages.  For joint proposals, each applicant must supply a vita.
  • Supportive materials.  If you think it necessary, you may include supportive materials that can be photocopied for distribution to reviewers to help explain your project.  This material my not exceed three (3) single-sided pages.
  • Report of previous award(s).  If you have received an award from the CU Pool, please attach a brief statement explaining the results you achieved with the award.  This statement may not exceed a single page.

Additional Information

See 2009 Guidelines for Research/Creative Activity/Special Project CU Pool Applicants.