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Review Committee for CU Pool Awards

2009 Guidelines for Research/Creative Activity/Special Project CU Pool Applicants

All tenured Unit A faculty in the College of Arts and Humanities may apply.  An eligible faculty member may not receive an award in more than two consecutive academic years.  Members of the college-level review committee are not eligible to apply.

Please note: for proposals of approximately equal merit, preference will be given to applicants who did not receive an award in the previous academic year.

Length of Application
The proposal shall be three pages or less, excluding attachments (vita and results of previous awards).

Applicants should attach a current vita, with works related to the current proposal marked with an asterisk(*) in pen or pencil.  Supporting materials may be included if necessary. A brief statement of results of work done with previous awards from the CU Pool shall also be attached.

Number of Proposals Submitted
A faculty member may submit only one proposal in any given academic year.

Credit Unit Limitations
Proposals shall be for either three (3) or six (6) credit units.

Joint Proposals
A single proposal may be submitted by two or more eligible faculty members, but Credit Unit Limitations, as noted above, apply.

Proposals will be read by a diverse audience and should be free of jargon.

Submission of Proposals
One copy of the proposal shall be submitted to the appropriate department chair on the date specified by the Provost and Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.  Proposals may not be altered or added to after submission to the department chair or department review committee.

Proposals submitted after the published deadline will not be reviewed by the College Review Committee.

Review Criteria
The College Review Committee will rank all proposals based on the responses to the questions listed in 2009 Proposal Format: Questions for CAH CU Pool Proposals.