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EIU Teaching with Primary Sources

The Journey, Part I -
The Pre-Presidential Years

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 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Tools
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Teaching with Lincoln  

The Journey, Part 1 – The Pre-Presidential Years



Photograph of a painting by Eastman Johnson depicting Abraham Lincoln as a boy sitting by a hearth, reading with writing on the mat surrounding the image.Carving a Family Home is a recreation of the “woods” around the cabin in Indiana where Lincoln grew up. A young Lincoln is sitting on a fence near the cabin and reading a book while he should be doing his chores.




Abraham Lincoln's Student Sum Book, In Self-taught you enter a cabin and discover Lincoln as a teen, reading borrowed books by firelight. His father, Thomas Lincoln, his stepmother, Sally Johnston Lincoln, and his four siblings sleep nearby in this one room cabin.




List Of 17 Rice Field Negroes For Sale By J. S. Ryan, At Public AuctionOn the River depicts Lincoln earning his first dollar working as a ferryman on the Ohio River. A map traces his move to New Salem and two flat boat trips down the Mississippi to New Orleans that may have offered Lincoln his first view of slavery. At The Slave Auction confront the horrors of a family torn apart by auctioneers. Did Lincoln encounter such a scene? Historians can't confirm it, but there is a strong possibility.




"Ann M. Rutledge is now learning grammer [sic]."In New Salem you'll see Lincoln as an awkward young man hopelessly in love with Ann Rutledge. Did this really happen? Historians may never know for certain, but this romantic idea remains an enduring part of the Lincoln legend.




Springfield, Illinois 1867. Drawn from nature by A. Ruger.Life in Springfield - Home Life, Work Life, Political Life, is a gallery space presenting Lincoln's life in Springfield, Illinois, including his courtship of Mary, his home life, his legal and political careers, his law practice and the Lincoln-Douglas debates.




A photograph of the President and Thomas (Tad) made by Mathew B. Brady on February 9, 1864The Permissive Parent, is an immersive scene letting you enter the Lincoln-Herndon law office. Lincoln is stretched out on the couch and is blissfully reading a newspaper while his boys, Willie and Tad, run riot tearing the place apart.




For President ABRAM LINCOLN.Campaign 1860 is brought to life by multiple monitors featuring TV news style election coverage analyzing the campaign in which Lincoln won the presidency. This daring approach makes the complex four-way presidential race of 1860 logical to today's audiences by accurately translating issues and strategies of 1860 into the sound-bite media bursts of today.




Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 11, 1861 (Farewell Address) On to Washington shows president-elect Lincoln making his famous and emotional farewell speech before leaving Springfield for Washington D.C. where he will begin his first term as president never to return alive.



More Tools for Teachers...

Elections the American Way: An interactive presentation about how have American elections changed over time. What similarities can we see in elections yesteryear and today?.

"I Spy" activity based on Lincoln's Second Inauguration: In spite of his initial promises, the nation was devastated by war. Does Lincoln's second inaugural address provide plausible explanation for this diversion from intent? How do you think this address was received by the people? Why?  In this activity can you "spy" the identified items from Lincoln's second Inaugural Address?
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