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EIU Teaching with Primary Sources

Teaching the Holocaust with Primary Sources

Holocaust Header

IntroductionNuremberg Race Laws | Kristallnacht | Ghettos
Concentration CampsDachau | Bergen-Belsen | Auschwitz
Righteous Among the NationsGies | Schindler | Winton | Grueninger

Primary Source and Analysis Tools | Library of Congress Resources 
 Primary Source Sets | PDF Version

Primary Source Set

This Primary Source set is merely an sample of resources from the digitized collections at the Library of Congress.

holocaust  holocaust   holocaust holocaust 
 Belsen Horror Camp This 23-year-old Czech
victim of dysentery in Nazi
camp at Flossenbrg, Germany,
was found by 97th Division of U.S. Army. 
Jewish shop windows
smashed during Kristallnacht, Berlin
 Roll call at a German concentration camp (from Nazi photograph). Two prisoners in the foreground are supporting a comrade,
as fainting was frequently an excuse for the guard to "liquidate" useless inmates.
holocaust  holocaust   holocaust holocaust 
 Harte Zeiten; harte Pflichten; harte Herzen  Der ist Schuld am Kriegel Jugend dient dem Fuhrer-Alle Zehnjahrigen in die JH  Gegen Korruption wahlt Nationalsozialisten, Hitlerbewegung! 
holocaust  holocaust   holocaust holocaust 
Who told you I am not victorious any more?!  Hitler drawing faulty swastikas  The Germans seem to be winning "The Master Race". Europe is getting hot! We've got to move to the western Hemisphere, 1944 
 holocaust holocaust  holocaust  holocaust 
 Five starving men in German concentration camp at time of liberation by U.S. Army  Essays and Lectures "German Anti-Semitism" lecture 1954  Division of Germany Robert Boothby to Winston Churchill January 22, 1932 

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