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Follow the Evidence: The Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators 

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Dr. Samuel Mudd

Evidence | Prosecution | Defense | Verdict |
April 14, 1865 | The Conspirators

Lincoln CSIDr. Samuel Mudd was a country doctor practicing outside of Bryantown, Maryland. Mudd was an avid supporter of slavery and his hatred for President Lincoln was well known. On April 15, 1865, David Herold and John Wilkes Booth arrived at Dr. Mudd's home seeking medical attention for Booth's leg, which he had hurt when he jumped from the president's box to the stage at Ford's Theatre after shooting the president. Herold and Booth were invited into Mudd's home where he attended to Booth's leg. The two fugitives spent the night at Dr. Mudd's home. The next morning, Mudd tried unsuccessfully to obtain a carriage for Booth and Herold. Later that day the fugitives left after Mudd gave them directions to their next destination. Dr. Mudd was charged with conspiracy and aiding John Wilkes Booth by sheltering him and setting his left leg.



Dr. Samuel Mudd, full
length portrait, seated
facing front
Library of Congress
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