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Subsequent Teaching Endorsements


Current Illinois State Board of Education requirements for adding subsequent teaching endorsements to an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) may be found at

Here is a general guide to the current requirements.

  1. Once a candidate holds a Professional Educator License (PEL) or Educator License with Stipulations endorsed in a teaching field, he / she can add additional content area endorsements.

  2. These endorsements can be added at any grade level even if the underlying teaching endorsement on the PEL is a different grade range.

  3. The PEL serves as a foundation to which any teaching endorsement can be added after applicable coursework and testing are completed.

  4. To add a subsequent endorsement for early childhood education (Birth to Grade 2), elementary education (Grades 1-6), middle level education (Grades 5-8), secondary education (Grades 9-12), career and technical education (Grades 6-12), or music, art, foreign language, or physical education (Grades K-12), a candidate must complete 18 semester hours of college coursework with a grade of "C" or higher in the content area and pass the appropriate content test for that area.

  5. Lists of appropriate coursework for each content area / grade level may be found here and at

  6. Information about content tests may be found at:

  7. Please note the following details about subsequent endorsements:
    1. The EIU requirements for the Early Childhood Education subsequent endorsement may be found here.
    2. The EIU requirements for the Elementary Education subsequent endorsement may be found here.
    3. The EIU requirements for the English as a Second Language endorsement may be found here.
    4. The EIU reqirements for the Reading Teacher endorsement may be found here.
    5. The EIU requirements for the Early Childhood Special Education approval may be found here.
    6. For a Middle Level Education (Grades 5-8) subsequent endorsement, in addition to the content area requirement (above), at least one course in the methods of teaching the content at the middle level must be completed. At EIU, these courses are MAT 3620 (mathematics), ELE 3350 (language arts), ELE 3290 (science), or ELE 3340 (social science).
    7. Methods courses are not required for secondary (Grades 9-12), career and technical education (Grades 5-12), or music, art, foreign language, and physical education subsequent endorsements.
    8. Note that some secondary education areas require completion of a designated minor at EIU in order for EIU to issue the subsequent endorsement entitlement (e.g., English, mathematics, history, and health), while others do not.
    9. EIU teacher education candidates may complete requirements for subsequent endorsements while completing a program for an initial PEL and will be entitled for the initial PEL and any subsequent endorsement at graduation, provided all requirements have been met.

EIU will provide entitlement for subsequent teaching endorsements for candidates who have completed the coursework requirements for the subsequent endorsement at EIU; EIU will only provide entitlements for areas in which the university currently offers approved programs.

Download, complete, scan (actual scan, not a smartphone picture), and return this form to Dr. Christy Hooser ( to request entitlement for a subsequent endoresment. Completed forms may also be mailed or delivered to: 

College of Education
1420 Buzzard Hall
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920

Questions? Contact College of Education Associate Dean Dr. Christy Hooser (

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