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EIU Master of Arts in Economics

The Department of Economics wants to help qualified individuals achieve their goals for graduate education and real world problem solving.

We are a collegial group of scholars committed to quality education and research. We believe in hands-on education, developing the tools and intuition necessary to engage in practical research. Please feel free to follow up your review of our program materials with an email or phone call to our graduate advisor. He can help you contact individual faculty about their work, find out about the activities of our current and former graduate students, or learn more about applying your skills in economics.

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Why Choose EIU for Economics

Research Opportunities

Our program provides students several opportunities to pursue exciting and innovative research. Our students continue to present their research at academic conferences such as the Missouri Valley Economics Meetings and the Midwest Economics Association Meetings, which in most cases, are fully funded by the department. In addition, our students have had their work published in several reputable journals in the field. Our faculty is dedicated to helping students develop their research interests, and is committed to student success.

Student Achievements

In addition to students' area of concentration, our program offers a pedagogy option. This option provides further instruction and experience in collegiate level teaching for students interested in teaching communication at two-year or four-year institutions after they graduate. Students take multiple courses in pedagogy and engage in a combination of practicum and internship experiences.

Job Placement

Our alumni work for large financial institutions such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Citigroup, and Prudential, or for large corporations such as PepsiCo, McDonalds Corp., and Walgreens Corp. Some work for government agencies such as the FDIC and the FBI. Others have chosen to work for small businesses.

Program Concentrations

The M.A. program offers three tracks or areas of concentration for the students to choose from as their specialization areas. They are Global Economy, Applied Microeconomics and Monetary Economics and Financial Markets. Selecting areas of specialization can give you a clearer perception of the skills you will acquire and make you more competitive in the job market or in admission to Ph.D. programs later on. You may complete three elective courses from an approved list to meet the requirements of a track. Choice of an area of concentration is not, however, mandatory since some students may like the flexibility of a more diversified approach in choosing courses. Students will be free to take any of the tracks or, instead of a second track, choose other courses to complete their requirements of the M.A. degree.

Applied Microeconomics

  1. ECN 4751 Managerial Economics
  2. ECN 5411 Seminar in Natural Resource and Environment Econ
  3. ECN 5491 Problems in Labor Economics
  4. ECN 5493 Economics of Human Resources
  5. ECN 5470 Seminar in Industrial Organization

Global Economy

  1. ECN 4861 International Economic Problems
  2. ECN 4875 Area Studies
  3. ECN 5461 Seminar in International Economics
  4. ECN 5471 Seminar in Economic Development


  1. FIN 4820 International Finance
  2. ECN 4840 Money and Banking
  3. ECN 4861 International Economics Problems
  4. ECN 5433 Advanced Econometrics
  5. ECN 5441 Seminar in Monetary Theory
  6. ECN 5462 Seminar in International Monetary Economics
  7. MBA 5640 Financial Management

Accelerated Graduate Program

Admission to the accelerated MA in Economics requires that a student have completed a minimum of 60 hours of undergraduate course credit and have a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.25. In addition, applicants must have completed a minimum of 15 hours of Economics courses. To apply for the accelerated MA in Economics, applicants meeting the above requirements must submit a statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation to the Graduate Coordinator. Students must also complete the Graduate School’s Accelerated Program Application.

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