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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#97 - Alumni and Donor Records

Approved: December 21, 2005

Nomenclature changes: September 25, 2012

Monitor: Vice President for University Advancement

The Alumni Development System (ADS) is the official record of alumni/donors from Eastern Illinois University. The Alumni Services office is responsible for the maintenance of the system and departments are expected to forward any new information or updates to the Alumni Services office.

Staff members are granted access to ADS on a need basis. All data on ADS shall remain confidential and shall not be shared with anyone that is not directly involved with the support of Eastern’s alumni and/or donors.

The alumni/donor file may be accessed only through a written request form which is available from the Alumni Services office. Each department, school or college wishing to use the file shall complete the form, obtain the signature of the dean or department chair, and return it to the Alumni Services office.

Data contained in the University alumni/donor file may be used for the following purposes:

  1. College, school or departmental mailings of surveys or follow-up studies
  2. Studies or questionnaires relating to University-approved research projects
  3. Fundraising mailings for University-approved initiatives
  4. Departmental or school alumni informational mailings such as department newsletters or other notices containing information of interest to alumni
  5. Other initiatives as approved by the Vice President for University Advancement

Alumni addresses will not be released under general circumstances. When a request is received for contact information, the alumna/us will be contacted by the Alumni Services office and provided with information on the requesting party. Departments will not release any data on alumni for verification purposes. Any person or organization requesting degree verification must be directed to the Records Office.

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