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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#95 - Student Withdrawal for Military Service

Approved: January 23, 2012

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Students who, during the course of an academic term enter active military service including National Guard and Reserve active duty and are not in attendance at the end of the term, will receive course and residence credit as follows:

  1. If withdrawal is during the first four full weeks of the term, no course credit shall be awarded, no grades shall be granted, and the term shall not be counted as a term in residence.
  2. If withdrawal is after the first four weeks of the term and before the last two weeks of the term, students may:

    a) "Withdraw" from the University and receive a refund of tuition and fees, including the insurance fee, unless a claim has been filed. Room and board charges, if applicable, shall be pro-rated for actual use, or

    b) receive "Incompletes" in all coursework and no refund.
  3. If withdrawal is during the last three full weeks of the term, including the week of final examination, full course credit shall be awarded, grades attained at the time of withdrawal shall be granted, and the term shall count as a term of residence.
  4. Students who have met all requirements for graduation as determined by the college certification officer, except those that would be fulfilled by completing the courses enrolled in at time of withdrawal for military activation shall receive full credit for those courses and may be recommended for graduation provided:

    a) the faculty member is consulted to ensure that the student should be recommended for graduation, and the student decides that he/she wishes to be certified for graduation at the time of withdrawal,

    b) they have completed the seventh week of that semester, and

    c) they are earning a grade of C or better in each and every course needed to satisfy the graduation requirements.

Financial Aid

When a student withdraws from all classes in a term and has federal financial aid, the "Federal Return to Title IV Policy" applies. For complete details on the policy, please refer to the following website:

Students enlisted in the National Guard or the Military Reserves are to be allowed a reasonable time to make up academic work lost while participating in required training.

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