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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#83 - Health Service Board

Approved: July 16, 1997

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs


To review, study, and make recommendations concerning the University Health Service and serve as a budgetary body for all Student Activity Fee monies received by the Health Service and Pharmacy.


The Board shall consist of the following members:

  1. Six voting members including four students appointed by the Student Body President and two faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate. One student shall serve as Board Chair.
  2. Four non-voting ex-officio members, as follows:

a. Director, Student Life

b. Student Body Executive Vice President*

c. Director, University Health Service

d. Medical Director, University Health Service

*In case of a tie, the Student Body Executive Vice President shall have voting privileges.


  1. To make recommendations concerning the operation of the Health Service.
  2. To consider all suggestions and complaints regarding the Health Service and grant hearings for issues when requested to take action.
  3. To review the budget of the Health Service recommended by the Director of Health Services.
  4. To approve all contracts which are to be paid from the student fee allocations.
  5. To deal with all problems concerning the Health Service.
  6. To deal with all matters concerning the Pharmacy.
  7. To prepare semester reports for the Student and Faculty Senates.

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