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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#79 - Student Organization Recognition

Approved: August 7, 1996

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

To be recognized as an approved student activity or organization, an application must be submitted and approved by the Office of Student Life. Annual recognition allows a student organization to use University facilities and to designate itself as a University organization. Applicants must certify compliance with the following:

  1. The purpose of the organization is not in violation of civil law or University regulations.
  2. The activity or organization meets the minimum requirement of ten registered members throughout the academic year. Honorary student organizations are exempt from this requirement.
  3. Membership of the organization is not limited on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin, except that organizations with the primary purpose of promoting or celebrating a religious or national tradition may require commitment to that purpose.
  4. All members of a recognized student organization must be either registered Eastern students in good standing with the University, or Eastern faculty or staff members in order to be considered active members of their organization.
  5. An Authorized and Responsible Agent has been designated to act for the organization in its relations with the University. University faculty and staff are preferred organization advisers.
  6. Officers have been elected according to the organization's constitution.
  7. If fund-raising activities are held by the organization through the use of University facilities or services, the organization must receive approval from the Office of Student Life and from the Campus Scheduling Office prior to the event. Accurate records showing the expenses and total income of the event shall be supplied to the Office of Student Life within twenty-four hours after the event.
  8. In the event the organization is delinquent in financial obligations to any University department for the purchase of goods or services, the payment shall be assumed by the Authorized and Responsible Agent of the organization. Use of University services and facilities shall be discontinued until the expenses have been paid.
  9. Organizational conduct is governed by the Student Conduct Code.
  10. The University does not permit lotteries or raffles to be conducted on its premises (as per Section 28-1 of the Illinois Criminal Code).

All student organizations must be registered in the fall of each year in the Office of Student Life. New registrations must be approved by both the Student Senate and the Office of Student Life. Approval status is granted only for that academic year, and must be renewed each year in the Office of Student Life.

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