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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#54 - Library Circulation

Approved: January 5, 2009

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

The University Library shall provide books and materials to all members of the University Community according to the following circulation policies.

The Circulation Policies Committee of the Library shall be used in establishing and revising policies. Circulation of books and materials shall be the responsibility of the various units within the library. Exceptions to these policies may be authorized by the unit head or the Dean of Library Services.

The following user groups shall have access to library books and materials in the priority listed. Priority within groups has not been established.

  1. Eastern students, faculty, administrators, and civil service employees,as well as patrons from the I-Share CARLI member libraries.1
  2. Eastern retired employees.
  3. Special borrowers, such as area college students, local and regional residents over 18 years of age, and Friends of Booth Library. Area high school students have privileges to borrow limited types of materials under their teachers' supervision using borrower privileges assigned to the school. The schools are responsible for the lost items.
  4. At the discretion of the Dean of Library Services or unit head, limitations of borrowing privileges may be imposed upon borrowers.

Loan Periods

Loan periods are subject to the review of the Circulation Policy Committee, the Dean of the Library, and the Library Advisory Board. The current loan periods are posted on Booth Library's website.2 Copies are also available in Booth Library.

All materials except Reserve materials may be renewed. The Library shall retain the option to recall books and materials at any time.

For Reserve material, the loan period varies according to the specifications of the instructor placing the material on reserve. Regular choices are as follows:

  1. three hours with overnight checkout (materials may be charged out one hour before library closing and are due back one hour after opening the following day.)
  2. three hours - building use only
  3. one day
  4. three days
  5. one week
  6. Special due dates (dates specified by instructors)

There is a limit of two reserve items per person. Faculty members may not check out materials placed on reserve by another instructor for longer than the normal reserve loan period without the permission of the instructor originally placing the item on reserve. If these conditions are met, the maximum loan period is one week.

Overdue and Fine Notices

Overdue, fine, and fee amounts are subject to the review of the Circulation Policy Committee, the Dean of the Library, and the Library Advisory Board. Different material types accrue fines at different rates. The current fines and fees are posted on Booth Library's website.2 Copies are available in Booth Library.

Undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, local patrons, and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) patrons will be assessed fines and fees for overdue library materials. Faculty will not be assessed fines and fees for overdue library materials.

Circulation Services sends overdue notices for all library materials. The library may contact patrons about overdue notices as needed. It is the borrower's responsibility to return items on time without depending on overdue notices.

All library fines and lost book charges are reported by Circulation Services to the University Business Office, where the charges are entered into the University's billing system. Patrons must pay library debts to the Cashier in Old Main.

The Library reserves the right to suspend library privileges to patrons who do not respond to fees and charges promptly. Students' university records may be placed on hold until materials have been returned or charges paid.

The Library assumes responsibility for library books and materials claimed returned only if the borrower presents a return receipt.

Lost Books and Materials

  1. An item is designated as being lost between the 35th and the 42nd day of being overdue or when it is reported lost by the patron.
  2. When an item is designated lost, the borrower will be assessed the cost of the lost item or a minimum standard replacement charge (whichever is greater), and a processing fee. The fees referenced herein are posted at
  3. A replacement copy of a lost item, or a comparable item as determined by the Library, may be purchased for the library in lieu of the standard replacement charge, with prior approval.
  4. If an item designated lost is returned or replaced, the patron is assessed the fines that have accrued, as well as a processing fee, with some exceptions. If faculty members return lost items, all fines and fees will be waived.
  5. Faculty members who have had an item checked out and overdue for a period of one semester and have received at least three notices requesting its return may be denied borrowing privileges until the materials are returned or renewed, or they have paid a minimum standard replacement fee or replacement cost of the item (whichever is greater). A replacement copy of a lost item may be purchased for the library in lieu of the minimum standard replacement charge, with prior approval. The fees referenced herein are posted at 

Outstanding Fines and Fees

  1. Fines and fees will be recorded in students' university accounts. Outstanding fines and/or fees will result in a hold placed on their academic records until materials are returned or until fines and/or fees are paid.
  2. Any patron may have their borrowing privileges suspended immediately upon the request of another university library in accordance with interlibrary lending agreements, and restored when the patron has been cleared by the university requesting the block.


Reserve items, equipment, and special collection items must be returned to the desk from which they were checked out. Other materials can be returned to the desk to any circulation desk.

Identification Cards

Students must present their valid University identification card to check out library materials. A current driver's license or a photo State identification card can be substituted for the University identification card.

Students checking out materials to a faculty identification number must have a valid University identification card and the faculty member's University identification card, and current proxy patron form on file.

Each patron is responsible for all materials checked out against his or her identification card unless the card has been reported lost. Individuals who lose their identification card must report the loss to the Circulation Desk immediately to avoid illegal use of the card. The Library is not responsible for any materials which may be illegally checked out until the card is reported stolen or lost.


  1. The University shall follow the guidelines established by the Illinois Library Association (September 1992), Article 16B: Protection of Library Materials, governing the theft and mutilation of library books and materials. The document is posted at each library exit.
  2. If rebinding is necessary for a damaged item, the charge shall be the cost of rebinding.
  3. All employees who leave University employment must be cleared by the library. All materials must be returned or paid for before the employee receives his/her last paycheck.
  4. A faculty member may allow his\her spouse or child(ren) to charge materials to his/her library number after submitting written permission to the Circulation Desk. An adult proxy patron checking out materials to a faculty library number must present his/her valid photo identification card and the faculty member's University identification card each time. Minors with no valid photo identification cards must present the faculty member's valid University identification card in order to check out materials to a faculty library number.
  5. Reference materials can be borrowed by faculty members at the discretion of the Head of Reference Services or a designated reference librarian.

LSC Approval: December 11, 2007

LAB Approval: October 17, 2007

1I-Share is the Online Catalog shared by some members of CARLI-The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois


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