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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#53 - Board of Trustees Degree Program Guidelines for Administration

Approved: April 19, 1989

Nomenclature changes: December 13, 2001

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

The University Director of the Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts Degree Program shall be responsible for all recruitment, admission, assessment and advisement aspects of the Program.

All inquiries, written or personal, concerning the Program shall be referred to the Director for action.

All applications for admission to the program shall be sent immediately to the Director who has the authority to admit students to the program subject to University admission regulations. The Director shall inform both the applicant and the Director of Admissions concerning the admission status of the applicant.

The Registrar shall initially examine educational records, transcripts, tests, etc., of an applicant and shall forward them to the Director with a recommendation of how much degree credit should be awarded. In the determination of credit and kinds of credit to be awarded, the Director shall have final authority and shall inform the Records Office of credit to be awarded.

The Director shall review the credit recommendation of the evaluator for prior learning experience of the applicant and may recommend that the amount of credit be accepted or reduced. The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall approve the amount of credit for prior learning experiences.

The Director shall recommend applicants who are to be graduated and shall furnish a list of such students to the Registrar to be included on the graduation list.

In registering students in the Program for off-campus courses, the Director shall work closely with the Dean of the School of Continuing Education.

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