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EIU Office of Internal Auditing

#48 - Research

Approved: August 4, 2014

Monitor: Vice President for Academic Affairs

The University endorses the principle that the search for new truths and the expansion of knowledge through research are among its important functions. Research is essential to professionalism in university teaching, as well as to the recognition of the quality of the University, its academic departments, and its faculty.

An indispensable prerequisite to academic research is the freedom of all investigators to select, in their field of competence, the problems which they wish to study and to have complete freedom to make public the results of their work.

Subject to the availability of funds, the University supports this policy, by:

  1. providing funds for continued growth and development of library reference resources and other library materials;
  2. providing reassignment of duties for faculty members actively engaged in approved research;
  3. providing funds for research equipment and facilities;
  4. providing opportunity for faculty members to attend professional meetings in accordance with existing travel regulations; and
  5. continuing a University Research Fund for special support of research at the University.

The Provost is responsible for the administration of the research program. The Provost is assisted in this administration by the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs. The program is composed of two major categories: one is concerned with externally funded projects and the other is the internal research program which is supported with state and local funds.

External Research Program

The External Research Program has as its primary responsibility the facilitation of research support from external sources. Services offered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs include the following:

  1. providing faculty and staff with information concerning resources available for externally funded research;
  2. assisting with the preparation and review of proposals in accordance with the University policy on Grants and Contract Proposal Approval;
  3. negotiating and processing the proposal; and
  4. general supervision of the project, in accordance with University policy, once funds have been awarded.

The University will generally not enter into any contract for externally funded research which would restrain its freedom to disclose the existence of the contract, the identity of the sponsor, or the purpose and scope of the proposed research.

Appropriate legal and humane care and supervision of human and animal research are imperative to the University. Toward this end, both human subjects and animal care committees have been established. These committees are chaired by the Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs.

Responsible Conduct of Research

The University fosters an institutional climate that favors responsible conduct of research. To this end, the University has specific requirements described in the document: “Training for Responsible Conduct of Research.” This document is incorporated by reference as part of this internal governing policy and is the University’s authoritative statement on the responsible conduct of research.

Financial Conflicts of Interest

The University recognizes the importance of promoting objectivity in research. In the design, conduct, and reporting of research, the University intends to avoid bias caused by financial conflicts of interest on the part of the investigator. The University adheres to the federal conflict of interest policies and procedures applicable to National Science Foundation and Public Health Service funding.

Internal Research Program

Research opportunities in the Internal Research Program include:

  1. sabbatical leaves, which are governed by the EIU/UPI Collective Bargaining Agreement,
  2. research assignments which are approved by the Provost on the recommendation of the Department Chair and Dean,
  3. summer research assignments which are budgeted by the Provost after review by the Council on Faculty Research and the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, and
  4. line item grant awards to faculty members, awarded on a competitive basis after review by the Council for Faculty Research.

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